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Retro Delight: Iconic Bullet Planters Deliver Enduring Style

Midcentury designs, vintage patterns and retro styles are making a comeback of sorts in recent times, and homeowners are more than happy to shell out an absolute premium for some of these revitalized, classic decor pieces. Often it is the likes of the Eames Lounger, Tulip tables and Cherner chairs that get the most attention. But today we have another masterpiece from the 50s that brings the timeless style of the era into contemporary homes with a ‘green’ tinge. The Bullet Planter is a name that you might not have heard of before, but it sure is something you’ve likely come across.

Classic bullet planter is a great way of adding greenery to the modern interior [Design: BAAN design]

The Bullet Planter owes its existence to the creative design movement that was born on the Californian Coast during the 50s and 60s. The details of its origins might be sketchy, but it remains one of the most popular planters across the globe. Over decades, imitations and inspirations have cropped up plenty, but the now iconic Bullet Planter still holds its own.

Greenery with Panache

The twin Bullet Planters here lend visual symmetry to the room while fitting in with its relaxed, contemporary style. One notices a visual lightness to the room, and the cool planters add to this appeal with their pencil-thin steel legs. The planters seem to float elegantly and complement the sleek entertainment unit beautifully. Those who prefer some visual contrast can even switch out the white selections for Bullet Planters in a vivacious orange or lovely blue.

Lovely use of bullet planters in the stylish living brings visual symmetry [Design: Streamline Development / Photography by Chipper Hatter]

The reason for the success of the Bullet Planter across eras is the ease with which it fits into any theme of your choice. It adds color and of course natural greenery to the interior without seeming out of place. The planters in the corner of this contemporary bedroom seem both understated and exquisite, with one of them adding a splash of yellow to the room.

Combine the Bullet Planter with other planters to give the room a stylish green tinge [From: Virtual Studio Innovations]

Another reason why the Bullet Planter is so popular is the ease with which it fits in even in the tiniest of corners. You do not really need to sacrifice much space to add some greenery to your living room or kitchen with this groovy planter.

Bullet planter looks perfectly at home in a contemporary setting [Design: First Lamp]

Take It Outdoors

While using the Bullet Planter indoors is fun, it is on the deck, porch or in the backyard where it often finds its true calling. If you are looking to revitalize the porch or backyard this spring and hunting around for a colorful yet iconic piece that will serve you for years to come, the Bullet Planter is the way forward. It is available in a multitude of colors, with yellow, orange, green and turquoise being the most popular. The unique tripod stand of the planter gives it plenty of height and makes it a great option for decorating entryways and driveways in an adaptable fashion.

Kartell masterpieces meet the iconic Bullet Planter on a relaxed deck [Design: Patrick J. Baglino, Jr. Interior Design]
Midcentury entry with bullet planters in yellow and light blue [From: Tara Bussema – Neat Organization and Design]
Contemporary entry with plenty of color [Design: BLGDS]
Elegant and understated bullet planters in white [From: Tara Bussema]

Time to Get Creative!

While your normal Bullet Planter is made from fiberglass, the one below is made from wood, metal and fiberglass. The legs also do not seem to be sleek and metallic, but then this is not just any other planter. Inspired by the Bullet Planter, this beautiful lighting fixture is all about glowing midcentury magic!

Midcentury modern Bullet Planter turned into a brilliant lighting fixture [From: etsy]

You might not be able to transform your existing or new Bullet Planter into a stunning lighting fixture, but there are other creative ways in which you can put it to good use. The homeowner here uses it as an ice bucket (a very expensive ice bucket to have) and with summer not too far away, the idea does seem pretty appealing! Can you think of any other fun ways in which the Bullet Planter can be used?

Orange bullet planter used as a cool ice bucket! [Design: Design Within Reach]

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