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1956: Stunning Kitchen Wraps Functionality in Delightful Vintage Charm

The revival of vintage elements in kitchen design in the last few years has seen many homeowners turn towards kitchen renovation projects that recapture the beauty of the long-forgotten past. Following this trend and taking it to a whole new aesthetic level is the fabulous 1956 Kitchen from Marchi, which seems to transport you back in time and into a world where life moved along at a more leisurely pace! If you are looking for a kitchen that moves away from the mundane and offers a cozy escape wrapped in stainless steel, stone and wood, this ravishing kitchen is indeed the perfect choice.

Chalkboard walls, lovely decor and vintage elements shape the iconic kitchen

Everything about the 1956 kitchen compositions shouts out vintage, rustic, unassuming and innately timeless. Surfaces in brushed, bleached oak, countertops that come with pebbles glued on a marine plywood base and stuccoed with bio-component resins, a ravishing array of stainless steel hoods inspired by the grilles of old World War II airplanes, and exquisite kitchen islands that are simple and unpretentious make up this exquisite lineup. You can pick from a wide array of custom-designed open shelves and closed cabinets with natural finishes to create a kitchen that oozes loads of class and personality!

Gorgeous Kitchen 1956 combines traditional elemnts with modern ergonomics

Carefully crafted cooktops and shelves crafted from steel

Elements of steel dominate the design of Kitchen 1956

Skeel open shelves combined with closed wooden cabinets in the kitchen

Stone adds a unique visual appeal to the vintage kitchen

Worktops crafted from marble, sandstone and even cement are treated with special brushing and waxing techniques and fitted with steel edging to give each counter a distinctive look. This kitchen gives you the wonderful feeling of having come home at last. It is large, light-infused, with the scent of wood and saltwater, but where steel is still master…

Unique hood of the kitchen worktop is inspired by world war II war plane grills

Wooden shelves add to the beauty of the classic kitchen

Beautiful kitchen design combines contrasting textures

Closer look at the details of the 1956 kitchen from Marchi

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