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Hog Pen Creek Residence: Expansive Austin Home with Modern Rustic Beauty

Expansive covered porches, walkways that weave their way through the home and connect with the landscape outside, and an informal ambiance that brings nature indoors; the Hog Pen Creek Residence has it all! Nestled on a lot that overlooks the convergence of the fabulous Lake Austin and the peaceful Hog Pen Creek, the exceptional home combines an unassuming rustic charm with modern design to shape a truly unique retreat. Designed by Lake Flato Architects to meet the homeowner’s training needs for the ironman triathlons, the beautiful residence seems to intertwine with the scenic countryside as it blurs the line between the interior and the world outside.

Hog Pen Creek Residence in Austin, Texas

Three mature oak trees around the house, along with the flood plain and the views outside, determined the orientation of the home. Metal, glass and wood are used extensively throughout the design, and one can clearly see a wonderful fusion of the rustic and the contemporary. The relaxing home easily switches between privacy and visual connectivity, with the outdoors using sliding barn-style doors, drapes and wooden slats. A series of walkways around the house connects the various rooms and the lovely porches to create a sense of unabated freedom.

Walkways and terraces shape the beautiful Texas home

Wooden slats give the home a relaxed, rustic appeal

Drapes bring visual softness and privacy to the open living area

Decor and accessories bring bright pops of color to the spacious Texas home

Glass metal and wood shape the stylish Hog Pen Creek Residence

High ceiling and glass walls bring the outdoors inside

lap pool design with a walkway above it

Walkway leading to the lakeside porch at the cool Texas Residence

A spacious living area along with a modern kitchen and a custom-crafted dining space make up the lower level, while the top floor houses the master bedroom, the bathroom and the home office. Separate blocks hold the guest rooms, and also the boat dock and the garage, even as the amazing lake pavilion on the other end of the lot steals the show!

Ingenious lighting fixture and the ceiling beams give the interior a unique ambiance

Large window connects the oudtoor with the dining space visually

Spacious kitchen and dining area showcase a modern rustic style

Open kitchen shelves and cabinets with frosted glass fronts

Bedroom with lovely lake views has an open, airy vibe

Colorful lighting fixture enlivens the contemporary bathroom

Pendant lighting idea for the small powder room and bathroom

Brilliant blend of textures and the natural landscape outside shape the Texas home

Narrow walkway leading to the elegant home office

Covered walkways connect the various open terraces and indoor spaces

Exterior of the Hog Pen Creek Residence in Austin

Iconic butterfly chairs add midecntury flair to the pool deck

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