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Dramatic Landscape and Ocean Views Shape the Sagaponack Residence

The quiet and beautiful neighborhood of Sagaponack in Suffolk County, New York is renowned for its lovely beaches and innumerable ponds and water bodies. This creates a unique and exciting landscape with coastal charm on one side and wetland magic on the other. Acting as a perfect gateway between both ecosystems is the stunning Sagaponack Residence designed by Bates Masi Architects. The exquisite contemporary residence spread across 8,965 square feet was largely defined by both the coastal and wetland ‘zoning laws’ that forced the architects to make the best use of the available lot sandwiched between the two zones.

Stunning home blurs the lines between the indoors and the exterior

While all that space seems like plenty to work with, the homeowners wanted a lavish home that came with a swimming pool, a pool house, additional guest rooms, a spacious garage and even sports courts, apart from the usual living areas and private quarters! This was accomplished using large glass windows, sliding glass doors and clever partitions that allowed each space to flow into the next while giving the interior a cheerful, airy appeal. The elevated house also features a set of ‘stepped planters’ that act as a transition between the landscape and the artificial structure.

Fabulous contemporary home in Sagaponack with ocean views

Stepped planters act as an interface between the landscape and the building

Living area brings together varied textures that will stand the coastal wear and tear

Living room seamlessly connected with the patio outside

Sensational home flanked by wetlands on one side and the ocean on the other

Carefully placed window offers a wonderful view of the scenic landscape outside

Natural wood brings elegance to the contemporary kitchen

Corten steel plates, Corian countertops and work surfaces, and cedar siding that has been treated to endure the rough coastal winds shape a home that can withstand the fury of the elements and requires little maintenance in the long run. Placing practicality ahead of mere aesthetics, the living area, kitchen and dining space have been designed to multitask as ‘social zones’ thanks to operable partitions. Gorgeous bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms with an unabated view of the Atlantic complete this fascinating home.

Gorgeous dining room with unabated ocean views

Wine rack that comes alive as a light fixture at night

Cozy modern bedroom with a view of the Atlantic

Beautiful contemporary bathroom in white with ocean views

Sliding panels and glass doors connect the interior with the oudtoors

Large openings bring in ample natural ventilation

Exquisite modern home sits between a lovely pond and the Atlantic

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