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Modular Bookcase System Blends Chic Style with Design Flexibility

Organizing a living room and finding that perfect balance between form and function is indeed a lot harder than it sounds. Each living room has its own floor plan and limitations in terms of space, and of course every homeowner has his or her own idea of the ambiance it needs to exude. While some prefer a dynamic entertainment center at the heart of it all, others opt for a wall of books coupled with a cozy reading nook. Satisfying this need for an adaptable and exquisite living room wall unit is the Pari & Dispari Bookcase System from Presotto. The modular system allows you to craft a living room wall unit that fits your specific needs with ease.

Bookcase system serves as a partition between the living area and patio

On the surface of it, Pari & Dispari looks like any other wall unit system filled with open shelves and closed units. But look deeper and you will notice an array of features that include sliding doors than can be crafted using materials ranging from copper and stone to glass and wood, compositions that include TV, entertainment systems and even fireplaces, and of course an ability to grow along with the needs of your family. Allowing you to display your love for books, you can start off slow and add additional units as your home library starts to grow over time.

Fabulous bookcase system in white for the contemporary home

Pari&Dispari Bookcase system by Presotto

Combine snazzy contemporary surfaces with warm wooden textures

Use bookshelves as a sculptural feature in the living room

A closed unit for those who prefer a more organized solution

A perfect living room design idea for the modern bachelor pad

Add a splash of color to your bookcase system

Bookcase system combines deep shelves and an entertainemnt hub with open units

These bookcase systems are also perfect for those who want a more organized and possibly ‘professional’ home office or studio. You can even use the models without a back to create a smart partition between two spaces in an open plan living area, even while letting natural ventilation flow through unhindered. Smart, stylish and versatile, Pari & Dispari offers endless possibilities.

Copper stone sliding doors add a unique texture to the living room

Dynamic bookcase unit can be used in a variety of compositions

Smart and organized storage system for the home office

A touch of wooden charm for the living room bookshelf

Add a captivating, functional wall unit to your living room

Bookcase system combines open and closed units elegantly

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