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Bring a Little Love & Sparkle Home with Sequins!

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the official day to celebrate love, but why not celebrate it all the time? Personally, I’m a fan of giving people hugs to show them I love them, but can’t we all use a little reminder of those lovely hugs and kisses on a regular basis? I say yes! This project was pretty simple and pretty, well, pretty! Ready to see it?

DIY sequin letters XO with golden charm

A Sneaky Shortcut!

If you’re thinking, “how did she glue on those thousands of sequins??” – don’t worry. I didn’t! Call it cheating if you want, but I used sequin strips, or ribbon, or whatever you want to call it. Like this:

Materials for DIY sequin letters

Also, you’ll of course need scissors, a glue gun, and some thick cardboard or presentation board (you know, the foamy stuff you used for school projects?).

To start, we need to make some letters! Here’s how I measured mine:

Measuring letter and cutting out the cardboard

They’re seven inches wide and about 9 inches tall. Making the “X” is easy, but with the “O”, you have to be a little careful with the curves. If it helps, look at an example on your computer or phone!

Crafting DIY Sequin Letters for Valnetine's Day

Now you’re ready to cut. Using scissors does work, especially for the curves of the “O”, but I’d say use a utility knife and a ruler for the “X” and save yourself the aggravation!

How to make sparkling Sequin Letters for Valentine's Day

Now let’s get the sequins on! Apply a bit of glue to the back of your first letter, like so:

Gluing on the sequin strip

Now gently press down the end of the sequin strip, pulling it a bit (because this stuff is elastic, as well!).

Creating beautiful DIY sequin letters

Wrap the sequins around, not overlapping too much because the strips are thick, so you can just place them beside each other.

Wrapping sequin strip around the letter

You will eventually need to cut the strip and glue it down, then start again on the ‘bottom’ of the “X” – for the “O”, all you need to do is wrap until you get back to the beginning!

Back of the letter clad in golden sequins

Sparkling Golden Brilliance

Now you’ve seen the back of the “X”, here’s the back of the “O”:

Gorgeous sequin letter DIY for Valentine's Day

Yes, it looks just like the front, so if you need to put these up in front of a mirror, just glue a few more strips on the back of the “X” and you’re all set!

DIY XO sequinned letters finished look

I am seriously obsessed with these, you guys! I don’t want them to ever leave my house! And who says I can only have hugs and kisses around for Valentine’s Day anyway, right?

Add a touch of pink to the setting for romance!

I actually also added some pink taper candles to style with these because pink is awesome! What do you think? Add a few colorful books, some special mementos and memories from the world’s most romantic city, and voila!

XO sequinned letters with  chic pink accessories

So, will you try out some sparkly letters for your home this season? Will you keep them around even after Valentine’s Day like me?

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