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Personalize Your Home with a Painted Door

I love a painted door! While you might think today’s post is focused on exterior doors, lately I’ve been struck by the growing number of painted interior doors. Some of these doors are painted on one side, and others are painted on both front and back. It all started when I became smitten with the bungalow of Ashton Arthur, recently featured at Camille Styles (shown below). Then I began opening my eyes to a range of painted door photos and their potential to inspire projects at home. Ready to take a look with me?… [photo by Jessica Pages]

Blue door in an interior designed by Claire Zinnecker (photo by Jessica Pages)

Painted Doors in Rosy Hues

Some of today’s most popular painted doors are in shades of red and pink. Once again we see a room in the bungalow of Ashton Arthur, which features interior design by Claire Zinnecker. The pink door mirrors the pink of the room’s bedding. Curious about the paint color? It’s Gypsy Pink by Benjamin Moore!

A pink door makes a bold statement in the bungalow of Ashton Arthur (photo by Jessica Pages)

Shades of pink, red and coral are uplifting and dynamic. They can bring out other rosy shades in the room and add a bold pop of color to an all-white space, as shown in this farmhouse bedroom. [from Stephanie Wiley Photography via Houzz]

Painted door in a farmhouse bedroom

A red door makes a wonderful addition to the kitchen, especially when the kitchen is white with dark accents. The swing door below is unique on its own, but covered in red paint, it becomes a focal point of the space. [from Troy Spurlin Interiors]

Red door in a white kitchen with dark flooring

Yellow Doors

Yellow doors are sunny, bright and energizing. When it comes to the use of vivid yellow, nobody owns it quite like Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess! The half-painted door below from Elsie’s office showcases an amazing color, as well as an unforgettable design. The color of choice is Brilliant Impressions from Dutch Boy Paint.

Half-painted door from A Beautiful Mess

Here’s another amazing painted yellow door from the A Beautiful Mess studio, this time a sliding barn door separating the kitchen and the bathroom. Talk about a bright transition!

A sliding yellow barn door from A Beautiful Mess

Doors in Shades of Blue

We now move on to shades of blue, which are soothing and calming. The light shade of aqua below is also refreshing, especially when placed in an all-white space with grey accents. [from White Pine Lumber, design by Mark Rickerd, and photo by Anastasia McDonald]

Light aqua door adds a subtle pop of color

Turquoise is a striking accent hue, and it can blend with a variety of design styles. In this eclectic Miami bedroom, turquoise is a crisp addition and the perfect contrast to other prominent tones such as hot pink. [from Mina Brinkey Photography via Houzz]

Bright turquoise door in a modern eclectic bedroom

Neutral Painted Doors

I’ll end today’s post with a couple of painted doors in classic tones, proving that sometimes “understated” is the perfect choice! Below we see how dark chocolate brown doors add a dash of elegance to a chic interior. [from Clark & Zook Architects]

Chocolate brown doors add elegance to the home

Grey and white are the shades of choice for the modern doors below, which punctuate the featured room without detracting from its standout features. [photo by Kimberly Bryan via Houzz]

Grey adds personality to interior doors

Would you paint a door in your home? I’m seriously considering this option for two different rooms that are near one another–a home office and a small bedroom. I’m thinking a shade of green-blue just might do the trick. What color would you choose for your space?!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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