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Delta Shelter: Adaptable Prefab Cabin Retreat with Cool Operable Windows

Moving away from the design of traditional cabin retreats and swapping the classic woodsy mountain cabin style for versatility and sustainability, the Delta Shelter in Mezama, Washington is truly ‘one of a kind’. This gorgeous cabin crafted by Olson Kundig Architects in steel and plywood minimizes wastage of material while giving its owners a low-maintenance, sturdy getaway that will serve them for decades to come. The cantilevered cabin has a footprint of just 200 feet and yet offers a living space of 1,000 square feet spread across several levels. Its uncomplicated design coupled with adaptable features turn it into an absolute delight!

Fabulous mountain getaway clad in steel and plywood

Supported on four steel beams, the three levels of the cabin offer wonderful views of the surrounding landscape from their elevated position. The lower level is used as a carport and a utility room, while the top level features the large living area with kitchen and dining. It is the middle floor that houses the two bedrooms and bathrooms along with a lovely entry. The prefabricated cabin wastes as little as possible both in terms of time and materials while matching most other mountain getaways in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

Exterior of the Delta Shelter closed off using sliding frames

Prefabricated cabin retreat in Mezama, Washington

Versatile and low-impact cabin design with a stainless steel frame

Large shutters close off the the cabin to the harsh weather outdoor

Retractable panels open up the cabin to the view outside

Refreshing living area of the cabin with glass walls

The most unique feature of the cabin is the use of human power to operate large movable shutters that cover the glass windows during the harsher winter months. Switching between complete insulation and unabated views, this smart feature is controlled by a large hand wheel that is easy to operate. So, as you bid adieu to your weekend refuge, you can secure it completely without any fuss whatsoever! Creative, clever and even eco-friendly thanks to its design, this is a cabin that is all about efficiency…

Mechanical hand wheel used to operate the shutters of the cabin

Steel walkway leading to the entrance of the cabin

Raw natural materials, glass and steel shape the sustainable weekend retreat

Snow covered extreior lets the mountain retreat stand out visually

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