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Ingenious Hand-Crafted Kitchens from Johnny Grey Offer Inimitable Versatility

When we think of modern kitchens, our minds conjure up images of glossy surfaces, minimalist kitchen islands and polished shelves that take up very little space. But the mesmerizing array of hand-crafted custom kitchens from Johnny Grey Studios completely alters this perception by combining timeless aesthetics and inviting warmth with creative, space-saving solutions. The idea behind these fabulous designs is to turn the kitchen into a space that you absolutely love while ushering in an air of exclusivity. Each aspect of the kitchen is shaped to serve the specific needs of your family, and the extensive use of timber along with concrete and metal brings a classic appeal to these modern spaces.

Today we have two inspired kitchens on display that make the most of limited space while thinking ‘out of the box’ when it comes to kitchen island and cupboard design. While the first of the two kitchens showcases a curved island that accommodates cooking, prepping and serving, the second offers a sensational island in a non-symmetrical rhomboid shape! Crafted in concrete and wood, the latter leaves ample space for an additional worktop with a bespoke tile backsplash. Innovative solutions such as a tea station inspired by Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, space-saving pantry designs and cupboards with midcentury aesthetics complete these exceptional compositions.

Fabulous Tea Station design inspired by Chekhov’s famous play

Using concrete as a material for worktops automatically offers scope for customization and is therefore particularly enjoyable for a demanding kitchen designer as an alternative to slabs of granite. I also like it for its dense, down-to-earth and natural appearance. I employ it as a structural material for long countertops and for central islands by incorporating steel re-enforcement. Concrete provides an effective contrast to surrounding wooden cabinetry, laminated and steel surfaces.

Sherry Nothingam

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