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11 Contemporary Kitchen Compositions with Urbane Elegance

With the New Year just around the corner, many homeowners might already be thinking about giving their home a brand new makeover. And if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen or transforming it by opting for a grand remodel, then Italian kitchen maker Cesar has some amazing options for you in the form of fabulous Frida! Innovative, exiting and versatile, the Frida lineup of kitchens is all about combining modern aesthetics with a sense of sleek, urban minimalism. Crafted to tuck away the unnecessary, each of these kitchen compositions stands out with its unique use of contrasting textures and space-saving design solutions.

All white kitchen is perfect for those who love a minimal look

A blend of glossy and matte surfaces gives each of these kitchens a bubbly yet elegant vibe and also allows them to blend in with your existing living space or dining room. Oak is the central component that shapes many of the wall-mounted shelves, the base units and several other surfaces in the kitchen. Apart from the generous use of wooden surfaces, white is the color that largely dominates all the kitchens in the Frida Series. This not only gives the compositions an ultra-cool, modern appeal, but also makes it easier for you to introduce a color palette of your choice by simply adding accent hues to the neutral backdrop.

Beautiful kitchen counters and smart shelves save up on space

Open kitchen island shelves add elegance to the contemporary space

Perfect little breakfast nook for the trendy modern kitchen

Sleek floating shelves save up on foot room in the kitchen

Smart kitchen islands, intuitive worktops and adaptable features such as the breakfast bar that can be tucked away when not in use make the Frida an absolute delight. Add to this doors with integrated handles, floating wall-mounted open shelves that can be turned into gorgeous displays, and cutting-edge design, and you have a kitchen where perfect ergonomics meet sizzling style!

Create a balanced contrast between light and dark tones in the kitchen

Clay oak cabinets and sleek white surfaces of the Frida kitchen

Gorgeous pendant light adds to the aura of the kitchen

A hint of gray for the all-white kitchen

Fabulous use of black and white in the contemporary kitchen

Open cabinets and shelves allow you to decorate the kitchen in style

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