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Posh Precioustone Collection Brings Majestic Splendor Indoors!

When it comes to turning natural stone into a dazzling work of art, few come close to the panache of Italian firm Antolini. It was only a few weeks ago that the company unveiled their latest innovation by creating a natural stone range for the kitchen and bathroom that fights bacteria and mold! If that had you thinking about giving your home a quick revamp, the exquisite and enthralling Precioustone Collection that we have today will surely leave you awestruck. Crafted using stone that was once exclusively used to generate precious gemstones, this lineup of rare delights promises to elevate the ambiance of your home to a whole new level.

Brilliant blue agate natural stone turns the indoor pool into a stunning spectacle

Combining sophistication, color and a hint of majesty, the Precioustone Series is a premium creation of the company, as large supplies of natural slabs of these valuable materials are hard to acquire. You can pick from a wide range of gemstone slabs that includes amethyst, quartz, agate and jasper, which are processed, refined and custom-crafted to fit the specific needs of your living area, bathroom or bedroom. Taking natural stone usage to spaces beyond the kitchen and bathroom in a spectacular fashion, these new additions help in creating magical walls that double as captivating canvases of art.

Lighting plays a crucial role in accentuating the appeal of the Precioustone surfaces, and the translucent varieties of these stones look even more delightful when back-lit to perfection. A series of special resins, gems and plenty of care goes into shaping this inimitable collection of natural stone that is all about originality and grandeur!

Exquisite modern bedroom with crystal agate accent addition

Enchanting rose quartz walls for the modern bath

Captivating lighting adds to the appeal of the Precioustone walls

Fireplace and the window seating next to it truly look spectacular

Backlit green agate backdrop for the contemporary dining room

Nature has always offered winning and unique products; we process stone as if it were silk! With Antolini, the past comes back in new forms and suggestions. With Precioustone lines, actual marks of rare beauty, it is possible to relive the charm of old castles and the enchantment of royal palaces told in the most amazing stories.

Give your bedroom a gem filled makeover with Precioustone walls

Minimal modern kitchen with black crystal agate addition

Bring sensational style indoors with rare and elegant natural stone collection

Ivory Jusper from the Precioustone Collection of Antolini in the dining room

Blue quartz walls and floating vanity steal the show here!

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