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Exquisite Melbourne Residence Is A Minimalist’s Delight!

Sophisticated modern homes with a minimalist edge are often portrayed as ultra-sleek structures using just glass and glossy stone that are a touch bland and monotonous. Yet, this gorgeous contemporary home in Melbourne will change your view about embracing minimalism and how it can be altered to create a nature-centric home. Located in the buzzing beachside suburb of Brighton that is just 11km away from Melbourne’s central business district, the Bay House is all about that perfect indoor-outdoor interplay. Bringing home the opulence and the ambiance of a serene luxury retreat, it blends privacy with the scenic outdoors.

The street facade of the Bay House looks truly stunning!

The street façade of the house itself is draped in trendy, stoic grey, and its design ensures that there is ample privacy. Large wooden doors lead to the front porch that charms with a Zen-style landscape, complete with a beautiful pond at its heart. The house itself consists of three different structures with a central courtyard that is accessible from all of these units. Living areas are housed on the lower level with an open floor plan, while the top floors contain the private quarters. Elegant wood surfaces and decor bring some much needed warmth into an interior that is dominated by white.

Dark modern exterior of the Bay House

Look inside the entrance porch of the posh Melbourne home

Heavy wooden doors bring a unique element to the modern extreior

Zen styled garden idea for the entrance porch

Modern landscape with a relaxing pond at its heart

Different sections of the house open up towards the inner courtyard

Large sliding glass doors connect the interior with the backyard

Smart design of the Bay House creats a serene getaway right at home

View of the stylish pool area that complements the appeal of the home

Contemporary home in Melbourne with a unique exterior and pool area

Gorgeous pool area that is connected with the indoors

Poolside lounge idea for those who prefer a serene retreat

An outdoor lounge that acts as a bridge between the large, green central courtyard and the pool area is the ideal getaway that allows the homeowners to spend some beautiful summer evenings enjoying the fresh outdoors. Understated and minimal furnishings accentuate the sleek yet inviting appeal of the home, while brilliant lighting brings the Bay House alive after sunset. A perfect modern home with style, sensibility and affluence!

Photographs: Urban Angles

Sliding glass doors offer seamless connectivity between the interior and the outside world

Simple and understated decor grace the interior

Minimal dining room and kitchen of the Bay House

Gorgeous appeal adds to the style of the sleek kitchen

Warm wooden surfaces brighten the minimal interior

Keeping the decor elegant and minimal

Plush sectional in the sitting area connected with the backyard

Smart staircase leading to the top level of the house

Platform bed gives the bedroom a minimal appeal

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