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Spectacular Tahan Villa Amazes With A Dynamic Facade And Panoramic Sea Views

It is amazing how the unique challenges that the topography creates often result in the conceptualization of some stunning homes that bring together innovative architecture and extraordinary views. Surrounded by natural rocks, lush green landscape and overlooking the gorgeous bay of Jounieh and the spectacular Mediterranean Sea, the Tahan Villa in Kfour, Lebanon draws you in with its imaginative and dynamic façade. Designed by BLANKPAGE Architects, the house is located on a sloped terrain, which shapes its overall contours and expansive interiors spread across four levels.

Ingenious street facade of tahan Villa in Lebanon

A series of platforms leads to the entrance of the house, which appears like a cantilevered box that is sitting on a glass square below. The large structure features unique sliding stone panels that take inspiration from the natural rocks around the house. By simply moving these giant sliding walls, the homeowners can shift between amazing views and complete privacy while giving the villa a vibrant visual appeal. The interior of this luxurious Kfour residence opens up to the world outside as the street entrance leads to a beautiful balcony and a gorgeous reception area.

Series of glass platforms make up the lower level of the house

Private entrance to the villa surrounded by a beautiful garden

Amazing views of the distant Mediterranean Sea from the villa

Sloped nature of the villa creates a unique entry

Closer look at the sliding stone panels of the top level

Living room that is connected to the deck space outside

Gorgeous living area of Tahan Villa with spectacular view of Mediterranean Sea

Lovely green addition to the living room

Open floor living area with contemporary style and indoor greenery

Staircase from the lower level leading to the top floor

The basement and the third level of the house contain private quarters, while a brilliant pergola coupled with a fabulous painting studio and roof terrace make up the top level. With ample greenery both indoors and outside, lavish outdoor deck spaces and breathtaking views of the mighty Mediterranean Sea in the distance, this dashing and cozy villa offers a refreshing new take on contemporary design!

Elevated sitting space that is connected with the level outside

Lower level glass cube of Tahan Villa

Plush gray couch and acrylic coffee table in the living area

Smart lighting adds to the appea of the sensational villa

Night view of the distant Mediterranean from the villa

Sliding stone frames for the top level create a dynamic street facade

Facade of Villa Tahan isnpired by the landscape around it

Street Facade of Tahan Villa at sunset

View of the Tahan Villa and surrounding landscape from a distance

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