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Factory Berlin: Startup Campus With Contemporary Flair & World War I Heritage

Turning a pre-World War I structure into a contemporary home or holiday retreat is a task that is hard enough. Imagine having to transform a building dating back to the early 19th century into a bustling start-up campus that is hosted by Google in the heart of Berlin! Taking up this audacious challenge and coming up trumps is the talented team of architects from Julian Breinersdorfer Architecture, who have turned the once Oswald Berliner Brewery into a 10,000-square-meter start-up campus dubbed Berlin Factory. A space where tomorrow’s technology meets the historic past of the iconic city, Berlin factory is all about innovation and ingenuity.

Stylish start-up campus in Berlin hosted by Google

Home today to tech giants like Twitter, Soundcloud and 6Wunderkinder along with many other start-ups, the factory was once a part of the Berlin Wall! One of the immediate challenges the architects faced in achieving this cutting-edge fusion of old world charm and contemporary work environment was the restoration of the pre-World War I façade. This was done carefully by removing the plaster cladding to reveal the original brick façade that was carefully restored. While the existing structure boasted three spacious levels, two contemporary floors were added on top to create modern office spaces.

Many of the existing tech companies enjoy offices that are spread across different buildings of the original factory, connected by open internal staircases. A seamless integration of the old and the new, both externally and internally, gives Berlin Factory an exclusive work environment indeed!

Large outdoor gardens create a relaxed work environment on the campus

Renewed and revitalized facade of Factory Berlin

Contemporary fourth and fifth floor additions to Factory Berlin

Pre-Worl War I Structure coupled with contemporary additions

Industrial style lighting adds to the heritage appeal

Interior of Factory Berlin where the old meets the new

Revamped interiors offer a bridge between the old and the new structure

The newly added fourth and fifth levels seem like a natural extension of the existing building from a structural perspective, even though the finish and the materials used clearly delineate each construction. Large open campus courtyards, gardens, a ground floor restaurant and basement event spaces complete this lovely entrepreneurial space. An outstanding work environment that epitomizes the past, present and future of Berlin!

Photography: Werner Huthmacher

Factory Berlin is  a perfect campus for startups and tech giants alike

Start-up campus in Berlin hosted by Google

Historic structure of Factory Berlin preserved and improved

Creative start-up campus located on the same spot as the Berlin Wall in the past

Blueprint of the ground floor of Factory Berlin

Contemporary 5th floor addition to the heritage structure

A look at the blueprint of Factory Berlin

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