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Modern Modular Summer Retreat In Brazil Invites Nature Indoors!

There is nothing quite like a beautiful, small summer house that allows you to escape the big city rush and relax in style as you are surrounded by natural goodness. Located on an idyllic farm in Sao Roque, a town that is just 60 km away from the bustling São Paulo, Residência O.Z. is a gorgeous summer retreat that charms you with its uncomplicated design. Crafted by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados using a modular wooden structure, the compact house is covered with metal tiles that give it a unique silhouette.

Gorgeous Brazilian summer retreat crafted from concrete, wood and metal

The modular structure of the house ensured that it was easier to construct than a regular home and took up far less in terms of both time and resources. A polystyrene filling provides the vacation retreat with the necessary thermal insulation, while the large sliding glass walls open it up toward the south. The interior is connected seamlessly with the large deck outside, and the panoramic views become an organic part of the indoors. Blurring this line between the interior and the outdoors played an important role in giving the small house a ‘vacation retreat’ vibe.

Large glass doors extend the living space outside

South end of the cool Sao Paulo home opens up to the scenic outdoors

Outdoor deck area of the holiday home with a view of the surrounding landscape

Sliding glass doors bring the scenic panorama indoors

Cheerful and airy living area that is connected to the deck outdoors

Warm lighting takes over at the summer vacation home after sunset

Modular wooden holiday retreat with metallic cladding in Brazil

A large living area with dining space, an elegant kitchen and two comfy bedrooms are placed linearly to make the most of the view outside. The north side of the structure offers ample privacy and is closed off completely, while its metal shell lets it stand out visually as it proudly sits in front of a natural, green backdrop!

Stylish and relaxed deck space connecetd with the indoors

Front facade of Residencia OZ offers ample privacy

Metal exterior of the summer retreat gives it a distinct look

Small summer house in Brazil with cool metal cladding

View of the natural landscape around the stylish holiday home

Residencia OZ by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados in Sao Roque

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