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Where To Buy Air Plants Online

Are you wondering where to buy air plants online? Perhaps you’ve checked your local nursery but you’re searching for a larger selection. Or maybe you’re also looking for stylish containers to purchase with your air plant of choice. Today we round up a collection of gorgeous air plants (including planter options), complete with purchasing information that will introduce you to some top-notch sellers and artisans. Read on for all the details…

Purchasing Air Plants

When it comes to purchasing air plants, finding the right supplier is key. Most sellers do not ship internationally, so it’s not easy to present a universal list of online air plant wholesalers or retailers. However, we’ve rounded up a few of the most prominent below. For starters, Etsy shop Twisted Acres presents a variety of options, as shown in our first featured image. Purchase plants individually or in groups! We’ll showcase more selections from Twisted Acres later in the post.

Air plants from Etsy shop Twisted Acres

Just Airplants also features an extensive collection of air plants for sale, including the Tectorum below, with its unique form and white furry leaves:

Tectorum from Just Airplants

Next we see a Brachycaulos Green air plant from Air Plant Design Studio. Not only is their merchandise beautifully photographed, they feature a wide selection and include a free air plant with every order!

A Brachycaulos Green air plant from Air Plant Design Studio

This Blooming Air Plant Kit from Air Plant Design Studio allows you to purchase 3 blooming or budding air plants and receive them right as they’re blooming. Timing can be everything, so it’s wonderful when online sellers take the guesswork out of the equation:

Blooming Air Plant Kit from Air Plant Design Studio

The benefits of ordering online include the ability to select any air plant you desire! This Beautiful Large Xerographica Air Plant from Etsy shop FlowerPowerNation is substantial and striking. No wonder they call it “the Queen of Air Plants”!

Xerographica air plant specimen from Etsy shop FlowerPowerNation

Air Plants with Containers

Sometimes you want nothing but an air plant (or five). Other times, you want that air plant to arrive in a beautiful container. Thanks to the beauty of online shopping, you can have it all! Below we feature a few of the more interesting planter selections, including this Air Plant Terrarium from Etsy shop Twisted Acres. The terrarium comes with an air plant, moss and a sea urchin (not pictured).

Standing air plant terrarium from Twisted Acres

Next we see the magic that unfolds when 3D printing  enters the air plant realm. This 3D Printed Air Plant Hanging Planter from Etsy shop RumpleCo, is printed using environmentally friendly PLA (polylactic acid). What is PLA? A commercially biodegradable bioplastic. It’s both eco-friendly and geo-fabulous!

Prism-style air plant planter from Etsy shop Rumple.Co

For more geo fun, we see a Set of 2 Geometric Air Plant Wall Hangers from Etsy shop Me + She by Megin Sherry. Sherry refers to this brass duo as “mother and child”. We can see why!

Geometric air plant wall hangers from Etsy shop Me + She

Another Etsy shop producing unique air plant display options is Gems of the Soil. This Wanna Be Palm Tree Air Plant Stand is crafted of wood and copper to create a sculptural statement that blends contemporary design with tropical style. Each stand comes with an air plant, and you can choose from natural, dark walnut and white for the wooden platform finish.

Palm tree-style air plant display from Etsy shop Gems of the Soil

Next we see another modern creation from Gems of the Soil–a set of 3 Wood Block Plant Stands that can also double as candle holders. A variety of shades and finishes are available, and of course, the air plants are included.

Wood block air plant holders from Etsy shop Gems of the Soil

Before we shift our focus to a different shop, we feature one more interesting Gems of the Soil creation: this Suspended Air Plant Holder,which includes the disc, the hanging cord and the air plant. The suspension method is up to you!

Modern suspended air plant holder from Etsy shop Gems of the Soil

It’s surprisingly easy to order air plant containers online, and often they are sold in groups. This Ionantha Air Plant Tilly Kit – Trio from Air Plant Design Studio consists of 3 glass holders with pre-drilled holes. And yes, the air plants are included.

Ionantha air plant kit from Air Plant Design Studio

On a similar note, this Pink Sea Urchin Air Plant Kit from Air Plant Design Studio features sets of 3, 5 or 10 small ionantha air plants and their accompanying sea urchin “planters”.

Sea urchin air plant kit from Air Plant Design Studio

One of our favorite current air plant trends is the plant and crystal “garden”, which consists of an air plant attached to a crystal specimen. Yes, the plant can still grow and thrive, even when adhered to a crystalline structure! This Tillandsia Amethyst Garden from Falcon and Finch features an air plant mounted to a polished amethyst wand.

Air plant and amethyst from Etsy shop Falcon and Finch

Sometimes the plant is bigger than the crystal, and other times the reverse is true. This Air Plant on a Large Quartz Rock Crystal from Falcon and Finch  features an air plant attached to a freestanding crystal that can also be placed on its side:

Air plant on a large quartz crystal from Etsy shop Falcon and Finch

Air Plant Bargain Buys

Looking for a bargain? Shopping online for air plants can be a great way to find amazing deals. For example, sometimes sellers are looking to clear their inventory when the specimens are less than perfect. On that note, you can purchase 5 closeout air plants from Robin Charlotte–plants with cosmetic injuries. They may not be 100% perfect, but they’re still charming, and they’re a fraction of the price. Not to mention, sometimes Robin Charlotte will mix in a perfect sample. Embracing flaws does pay off!

Closeout air plants from Etsy shop Robin Charlotte

If you know where to look, the good bargains aren’t too hard to find! These 3 for 1 Iona air plants from Etsy shop Twisted Acres provide you with a trio of interesting specimens fora mere $3.50:

Iona air plants from Twisted Acres

Even when the bargain doesn’t involve a group of plants for the price of one, it can pay to purchase a collection. For example, this Mix of 5 Iona air plants on sale from Twisted Acres features colorful specimens that start out green, change to yellow or red, and then produce flowers:

5 Iona air plants from Twisted Acres

Another deal that’s hard to deny: this 5 Pack of Mini Tillandsia Ionantha Mexico from Etsy shop CTS Airplants. Get them all for a bargain price of $4.95!

5 mini air plants from Etsy shop CTS Airplants

There are times when you can even find great deals on containers! This Small Glass Raindrop Air Plant Terrarium from Etsy shop Succulent Oasis is a mere $7.99. And for that price, you get the entire kit–terrarium, air plant and sand in red, black or white–you choose!

Glass raindrop air plant terrarium from Etsy shop Succulent Oasis

Hopefully today’s post has proven that shopping online for air plants can result in some pretty amazing buys, from the totally unique to the totally affordable. And yes, sometimes those two realms combine for that extra special purchase that becomes a focal point in your home while honoring your budget. Happy shopping!

Kate Simmons

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