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Unique Kids’ Room Design And Decor Ideas

Looking for an unforgettable design concept for your child’s room? When it comes to kids’ room design, it’s clear that modern eclectic motifs are taking center stage. Today we shine the spotlight on some truly amazing decor ideas and interesting finds that celebrate modern style and retro flair. In fact, many of the items below are from retailers never before featured on Decoist. The goal: finding unique pieces and concepts for the design enthusiast who’s looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary. Enjoy!

Unforgettable Furnishings

Let’s start with the furniture. Organization is of the utmost importance in a child’s room, so this Toy Store from Oeuf is a must-have in the storage arena. After all, with three tiers of bins, it’s easy to designate a space for books, toys and more. Not to mention, the bins can be tilted or positioned flat–your choice!

Toy storage system by Oeuf

Also from Oeuf, this Mini Library provides storage of the shelving nature. With a height that’s easy to reach, kids can display and access their favorite items. Plus, the piece adds contemporary style to any room it graces.

Library storage system

Gorgeous wood is punctuated by a bright border in this Caravan Dresser from Kalon. Retro meets modern in this sturdy piece that’s available in a variety of colors (or oiled).

Wooden clean-lined dresser

Featuring one of today’s most popular hues, the Larkin Metal Bed in Mint from The Land of Nod showcases an arched headboard and footboard. Not crazy about mint? No worries–a variety of pastel finishes are available.

Metal bed in mint

Let’s take a minute to recap some of today’s hottest trends when it comes to kids’ rooms. With help from the images above, we see that sleek furnishings and candy colors are very much in style. Another modern trend: diagonal lines. The Kids Tent from ferm LIVING features a foldable wooden frame, two windows, and a contemporary pattern in black, white and neon.

Striped tent makes a festive statement

If you’re a fan of modern forms, you’ll love Hut Hut from Kalon, a colorful reinterpretation of the rocking horse. Choose from red, yellow, blue, green and pink. Or order them all if you have a large brood!

Modern rocking horses by Kalon

Stylish Bedding

Finding kids’ bedding that makes a modern statement in style is getting easier, thanks to an array of emerging patterns that emphasize geometric motifs and bright forms. This Poppet Single Bed Set by Olli Ella features a reversible duvet cover. A quatrefoil print provides an eye-catching focal point that mixes well with other patterns and colors:

Patterned blue bedding for kids

Also from Olli Ella is the Posey Single Bed Set, which puts a modern spin on a classic Moroccan floral motif. Blush and guava pink combine to form a vivid pattern that’s understated at the same time. As with the bedding above, this set is reversible, featuring a delicate dot print on the other side.

Geometric kids’ bedding from Olli Ella

Many of today’s most popular bedding patterns showcase bright designs, as shown in this Save the Day Sheet Set from The Land of Nod. Designed by artist Andrew Bannecker, the cotton sheets feature colorful lightning bolts and stars:

Star and lightning patterned sheet set

Diagonal lines are alive and well in this vibrant pattern from Bramwell Designs. The flat sheets are available in red and neon yellow, neon pink and mint, and more!

Colorful bedding from Bramwell Designs

Also from Bramwell Designs are the Hot Pink Hearts fitted sheets and Sparkles pillowcase. If you haven’t checked out Bramwell’s selections, be sure to give them a look. Organic bedding has never been so colorful, whimsical and modern!

Colorful creations from Bramwell Designs

We love the teepee featured near the top of this post so much, we had to feature its diagonal pattern once again! You can find it on the Stripe Quilted Blanket from ferm LIVING, which is perfect for picnics, cuddling, and extra coverage.

Striped blanket from ferm LIVING

Fluorescent hues are still going strong, and this star pillow from Numero74 blends neon and whimsy in a bold form with a cushy touch:

Fluorescent yellow star pillow

Fluorescent thread makes an appearance in this “Love” pillow, also from Numero74. The stitching around the border gives the piece a crafty look, while the radiant color of the thread and loopy style of the lettering can’t help but channel the ’80s.

Love pillow with neon style

Cute portrayals of animals are still going strong in the realm of kids’ decor, but these photo-realistic pillowsdesigned by Ross Munuez truly stand out among the throngs of whimsical animals. Maybe it’s the neon colors! Choose from an array of creature selections, including dog, deer and raccoon options. We’re partial to the tabby cat. Fauna Cushions are available at Areaware. Use them as pillows or dolls!

Fauna tabby cat cushion by Ross Menuez

Toy Time

We end with a series of toy and toy storage options that are the icing on the cake that is your artfully designed kids’ bedroom. PVC-laminated white polyester storage sacks are Varpunen’s specialty. We’re partial to the postmodern look of Vappu, shown below:

Geometric-print toy storage container

Keep small items at bay with these handy sacks, and store them on the floor or on the table! In the next image, we see pastel style and brush strokes combine in the VV Peach pattern:

Brush stroke storage container

Now that you have a place to put the toys, it’s time to stock up. And there’s no reason why your child’s toys can’t be fabulous to look at! Below we see Blockitecture Series 1: Brutalism from Areaware. These nesting hand-painted blocks are classic, modern and crafted from New Zealand pine:

Blockitecture building blocks

In today’s design world, simple forms, natural materials and vibrant colors are making a big impact. And thanks to toys such as Gatchagatcha from Kiko, they’re taking the world of kid-friendly design by storm! A gumball machine that dispenseds wooden goodies, this item comes with 40 beads and 5 shapes.

Gumball machine with wooden pieces

Also from Kiko is Tanabata, a set of 100 star dominoes. Your child can create a constellation of fabulous design possibilities with these colorful pieces that celebrate the magic of the sky…

Domino stars add color to a kids’ room

It’s an exciting time to design your child’s bedroom. With so many vibrant hues and bold patterns to choose from, the kids can get involved in the process. Don’t hesitate to look for items that reflect some of the design world’s top trends. After all, geo forms, radiant colors and interesting patterns are as appealing to kids as they are to adults…and they never go out of style!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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