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Enchanting Natural Swimming Pools Shape An Idyllic Retreat Right At Home!

The swimming pool is indeed the most popular addition to any backyard, and with summer in full swing, now is the time to have fun with pool parties and outdoor barbecues. With contemporary homeowners and architects even bringing the swimming pool indoors, you can now enjoy this delight all year long! But nothing quite matches the timeless charm and amazing serenity of a natural swimming pool that is surrounded by the goodness of nature! Natural pools bring along with them a host of advantages and transform your backyard landscape into a dreamy and panoramic getaway that is always accessible.

Corrugated metal roofing in the backyard adds to the dreamy appeal of this natural pool setting

by Becker Studios

While some of us might be blessed with a spacious backyard that can play host to a truly extensive and enchanting landscape with a natural pool, others with smaller contemporary homes can opt for more compact and improvised versions of this mesmerizing addition. Nature-centric and heavenly, here are some breathtaking inspirations that showcase the very best from the world of natural pools –

A natural pool area improves both the appeal of the outdoors and your health

by Genus Loci Ecological Landscapes

Blurring the line between a backyard pond and a natural pool

by Locati Architects

Rustic natural pool with a farm backdrop and a faux ruin shelter!

Stunning natural pool complements the idyllic landscape around it perfectly

by Armond Aquatech Pools / Halkin Photography

Enjoy a serene evening on the edge of the beautiful natural pool

Give your natural pool a tropical flavor

by Freddy Landscape

Going Completely Natural

A truly natural swimming pool is much more than the mere aesthetics that it exudes. Surrounded by several layers of plants and relying on greenery and nature to cleanse the water on a regular basis, natural pools are completely chemical-free. This obviously means that they will have no negative effect on your skin and actually aid in improving your health over time. To create a beautiful and functioning natural pool, a larger landscape needs to be created which facilitates water circulation and purification using a regeneration zone.

Tranquil retreat to escape the rush of urban life!

by Genus Loci Ecological Landscapes

Expansive natural swimming pool for those who have the space to spare!

Biotop natural swimming pool helps create a stunning, sustainable landscape

by R. P. Marzilli & Company Landscape Contractor

The regeneration zone of a natural pool is relative to the size of the pool itself and the amount of water that it needs to filter on a daily basis. Even small backyards can host natural pools that are smaller in size by adding a regeneration area that is proportional. Floating plants and submerged, rooted plants within the pool help improve the water quality and maintain the right oxygen content, while other plants on the periphery add to the appeal of the pool and help sustain the complex ecosystem.

Natural pool coupled with multiple ponds and intricate pathways for an extensive, natural landscape

by Legacy Landscapes

Canopy that surrounds the pool truly defines its natural and relaxing appeal

by Robins Nest Aquatics

Refreshing natural pool that replicates a pond in the forest

Stunning natural pool in San Francisco that brings the tropical beach into your backyard

by Bradanini & Associates

Waterfalls and Landscape

The allure of a natural pool is not just in the benefits that it offers. In fact, most homeowners invest in this eye-catching addition for aesthetics and a sense of proximity with nature. Waterfalls are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in outdoor pool designs, and there is no reason why you cannot add them to your natural pool as well. This also helps in keeping the water fresh while visually creating the aura of an exotic, tropical destination. Once again, size is not a constraint, and as some of the inspirations below showcase, even the smallest of natural pools can feature an impressive and captivating waterfall addition.

Heavy basalt rocks, dreamy waterfall and Japanese maple help shape the stunning pool retreat

by Alderwood Landscaping

Chemical-Free natural swimming pool design for a mesmerizing backyard

by Kane Brothers Water Features

Natural rocks are another important part of shaping the landscape around the natural pool. Huge basalt rocks might be an expensive choice, but they do add a touch of authenticity to your natural pool. The shape of the pool is also another important factor that determines its overall appeal, and dropping the simple straight lines for irregular curves and patterns is a good idea. Top it all off with the right LED lighting, and your natural pool looks even more enthralling after sunset!

Brilliant LED Lighting turns the small natural pool into a magical setting!

by Placid Pools

Amazing natural pool with waterfall that is fed by a hillside creek

Add some rocks or a waterfall to give your pool a more natural and serene look

by Poole’s Stone and Garden

The beach entrance and the landscape around the pool make it a truly impressive setting

by The Landmark Group

Drawing Inspiration from Nature!

One of the obvious setbacks of natural pools is the maintenance that they take, and they are often far more demanding in terms of the care they require than most chlorinated pools. A good compromise is to combine your backyard pool with the inimitable look of a natural pool by taking some inspiration from nature. Imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, and there is no shame in borrowing from nature! A few natural rocks around the edge of the pool, some greenery and a landscape that is nature-centric are a perfect way to give your existing pool a “greener tinge”.

Natural style custom swimming pool with a tropical theme

by One Specialty Landscape Design, Pools & Hardscape

A perfect natural pool setting for the modest modern home!

by Pool Environments

The maintenance costs of a natural pool are almost the same as that of chlorinated pool, but the care that they do require is completely different and involves maintaining a delicate balance between the pool and the surrounding landscape. Yet with eco-consciousness becoming a major factor in defining homes and the landscape that surrounds them in recent times, the popularity of natural swimming pools is indeed on the up. Some of these can also easily be transformed into gorgeous ponds over time.

So, are you tempted to take the green plunge this summer?

Lovely stone and wood deck around the natural pool becomes a hip hangout on hot summer days

by Waterscapes – Jesse Dutra

Natural rocks and the shape of the pools give them a more organic appeal

by Designworks

Landscape around the pool and the waterfall define the aura of this gorgeous pool

by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

Picking the right plants and shrubs for the landscape that surrounds your natural swimming pool

by Creative Environments

Fabulous pool that imitates the ambiance of a natural lagoon

by Water Wizard Custom Pools and Service

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