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Artistic Hand-Crafted Felt Ball Rugs Bring Home Multihued Exclusivity!

Felt ball decor and accessories that are crafted from wool have become all the rage in the past few years, and innovative designers are constantly using this exciting new material to bring in both textural and visual contrast. Crafted by indigenous artisans on Nepal and delivered to your doorstep is the amazing lineup of exquisite felt ball rugs from FeltBallRug. Adding a hint of colorful excitement to your space while fitting in with the elegant ambiance of contemporary interiors, each felt ball rug is both exclusive and exceptional in its make.

Custom-Crafted Felt Ball Rug for the Contemporary Interior

But the story of these plush rugs goes way beyond mere decorating and interior design. They also provide livelihood to skilled artisans in Nepal, who earn an income that is 2-3 times the average salary for others in the area. Since FeltBallRug engages in fair-trade practices and directly employs these artisans, you are not only guaranteed the very best in terms of both quality and price, but you also can rest assured that the money you spend will help improve lives of many in the Himalayan country.

White and grey felt ball rug the urban patio

Gorgeous Felt Ball Rug in white can be ordered in any other color of your choice

Making of the felt ball rugs by artisans in Nepal

Multi-colored felt ball rug for the playful interior

Round felt ball rugs in gorgeous Ivory Grey

Round purple and white felt ball rug

Beautiful felt ball rugs add visual warmth to the room

When it comes to these multicolored rugs, each one can be custom-ordered to suit your own specific needs and the color scheme of your home. The wool for the rugs comes from New Zealand and is top notch in terms of quality and durability. Completely natural and devoid of any toxic dyes, the rugs also usher in a hint of sustainability while giving your floors a posh, new makeover.

All-white felt ball rugs for the trendy, modern interior

Let your little pet buddy enjoy the coy felt ball rug!

Colorful pile of felt ball rugs crafted from the finest wool

Lovely Felt Ball Rug in warm earthen tones

Closer look at the raw earth felt ball rug

Closer Look at the plush Double White Detail Felt Ball Rug

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