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House Of The Future: Space-Saving Solutions From Clei

Long gone are the days when architecture was just about aesthetics and functionality alone. A planet-friendly revolution in design over the last two decades has seen sustainability take its rightful place next to form and ergonomics. Sustainable architecture and eco-friendly homes are becoming more common with each passing day, and the Solar Decathlon events each year give us a brief glimpse into the exciting world of tomorrow. Last year we showcased the very best of the Solar Decathlon 2013 in the US, and this year we head over to Europe to give you the best coverage of the 2014 event.

Penelope transformable sofa and murphy bed system from CLEI

We start our preview of the event this year by taking a look at the practical and space-conscious decor that CLEI has created for two teams that are set to take part in the event. Working closely with both University di Roma Tre from Italy and the Mexican team from UNAM, CLEI has brought its expertise in the field of versatile and multi-functional decor to shape the eco-homes of both teams. While the Italian boys bring RhOME, a 60-square-meter apartment that captures the flavor of Rome, to the event, the UNAM comes with CASA, which examines the challenges of green living in a crowded urban setting.

Smart sofa and bed system allows you to save up on ample space

A look inside project RhOME set to be showcase at Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

Beautiful chairs add a hint of metallic glam to the dining area

Smart dining table and murphy bed combination saves up of precious square footage

Luxurious bed that easily dissapears into the wall when not in use

Stealing the show inside RhOME is the Ulisse Dining System that combines a smart dining table with a Murphy double bed that disappears into the wall when not used. The dining table itself slides down automatically as you pull out the bed, ensuring that you have to do precious little while switching between the two. If it is the dining space-bedroom combo that RhOME adopts, then it is the Penelope Sofa and Poppi 120 that the Mexican CASA turns to. Penelope is a Murphy bed-over-sofa system that turns the living area into a bedroom with ease, while Poppi 120 blends the home workstation with a cozy bed.

Clei plays an instrumental role in shaping smart, green homes and ensures that aesthetics are not sacrificed for efficiency. A perfect way indeed to kick off our preview of the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014!

Ulisse dining by CLEI showcased inside RhOME

Dining space that can be transformed into a bedroom using a murphy bed

RhOME is designed to save up both space and energy

A visualization of life inside sustainable green home RhOME

Visualization of RhOME Green Home

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