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3 Refreshing Summer Party Themes

With summer in full swing, it’s all too tempting to entertain! Do you have any parties or gatherings planned now that the weather is warm? In the spirit of the new season, today we present three summer party themes that celebrate today’s biggest design trends. Even if you don’t plan on hosting an event in the next few months, be on the lookout for the motifs that follow–they’re showing up on a range of home decor items. Enjoy!

A Pineapple Party

First up: a pineapple party that celebrates the refreshing allure of tropical fruit! This party theme is perfect for all ages, and it really channels the laid-back, festive feel of summer. Welcome your guests with a Pineapple Honeycomb Wreath created from a foam ring and affordable pineapple party decorations. Check out the full tutorial at A Subtle Revelry:

Festive pineapple wreath

When it comes to decor, you can’t go wrong with fresh produce and tropical greenery. Arrange these elements on a serving table and other surfaces of your home to bring create a breezy vibe. [wallpaper image from Aimee Wilder via Oh Happy Day]

Tropical vignettes featuring Aimee Wilder wallpaper

For another clever centerpiece idea, create a Pineapple Planter. Cut out an array of triangles from colorful paper (feel free to go with more than one hue–below we see neon yellow). Attach the triangles to a jar, and then fill it with succulents to create the pineapple leaves. Head on over to Tell Love & Chocolate for all the details. [via Whimseybox]

Pineapple planter idea

Remember, tropical style and fruity motifs are key for this summer party theme. Use this Old Fashioned Homemade Soda Party as inspiration, and offer your guests an array of delicious sips, such as blackerry pineapple soda with coconut sorbet. A range of tasty beverage recipes can be found at Oh Happy Day:

Tropical soda adds a refreshing touch

Wow your guests with an eye-catching dessert, such as these Fruity Summer Cupcakes from Oh Joy! Inspired by her Oh Joy for Target Summer Collection, these sweet treats are as pretty as they are delicious.

Fruity cupcakes for a summer party

Cool off with Strawberry Orange Popsicles, made with Almond Breeze. Arrange them on a tray over slices of chilled fruit. Isn’t the display below summer-fabulous?! Follow the recipe at Design Love Fest to create your own popsicle treats.

Tasty strawberry orange popsicles

Send your guests home with chocolate bars and other goodies wrapped in stylish pineapple paper. The best part: It’s DIY Free Printable Pineapple Wrapping Paper! And it can be yours when you head on over to Whimseybox.

Free printable pineapple wrapping paper

Flamingo Fun

Next up is a flamingo party that celebrates pastel hues and summer style. This party theme works well for kids’ events, but there’s also something ’80s about the flamingo that makes it fun for adults who appreciate retro design. Many flamingo parties feature ample sweets, likely because the flamingo itself is candy-colored. Make a retro statement with a delicious dessert spread. Below we see a Retro Pink Flamingo Pool Party from Hostess with the Mostess:

Retro style at a pink flamingo party

You can’t go wrong with over-sized pink balloons when it comes to the decor! Tropical greenery and palm leaf motifs also beautifully complement this theme. This Palm Beach Chic Baby Shower from The Glam Pad channels sophisticated style.

Pink balloons set a festive tone

This Pink Flamingo Baby Shower from Oh Happy Day brings home one of my favorite design elements from the past: pink flamingo lawn ornaments. Instant flamingo style, folks! Anyone else noticing the plethora of flamingo-themed baby showers? Not a bad idea…

Flamingo party idea

A pink tablecloth will set a colorful tone for your gathering. Then let your party supplies double as decor! Create a spread of napkins and cocktail umbrellas for a tropical touch. [from Posing in Vintage]

Cocktail umbrellas on a pink tablecloth

Another staple for a flamingo party: a sweet pink drink. Whether you pop open the bubbly or stick with pink lemonade, a rosy drink is a must. [from Sweet Style Blog via Best Friends for Frosting]

Refreshing pink drink at a flamingo party

With all of the sweet treats you’re serving up, don’t forget about balancing the sugar with some savory nibbles. These Antipasti Skewers from Tantalicious feature a range of ingredients, including cheese tortellini, salami, pepperoni and olives. Plus, they’re perfect for the flamingo party palette!

Festive skewer recipe

Send your guests home with the favors of your choice, but make sure to present the goodies in something pink, like the bags you see below. Interested in making your own? Check out the full Flamingo Favor Bag DIY from Oh Happy Day:

Flamingo party favor bags

Summer Sprinkles

Our final summer party idea today involves sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. These little rays of sweet sunshine are back in full force, not only on food blogs, but in retail outlets as well. The sprinkle pattern was hugely popular in the ’80s, thanks to Memphis-Milano design. Now it’s back in a big way. This is the summer of the sprinkles! Celebrate it with a sprinkle party that serves an array of desserts, such as this Rainbow Cake in a Jar recipe from Make Life Lovely[image via Pinterest]

Rainbow cake in a baby food jar

What type of decor is ideal for your sprinkle party? Confetti! From confetti-filled balloons to confetti dots on the wall, don’t hesitate to get a little wild. The kids will appreciate your decorating efforts! [from Babyology]

Confetti decorations

Yes, this party idea is perfect for kids, but your sprinkle celebration can also be fun for grown-ups. Especially when you serve these Birthday Cake Jello Shots. For a full recipe and many more festive pics, head on over to A Beautiful Mess.

Birthday cake jello shots from A Beautiful Mess

Let this Ice Cream Throw Pillow from The Land of Nod inspire you in your decor (and your dessert preparation). Not only would this selection make the perfect party decoration, it would also make a scrumptious birthday gift for child and adult alike. As part of the Oh Joy! for Nod Collection, it’s a true standout!

Colorful ice cream throw pillow

One more dessert idea: a Donut Cake. Topped with sprinkles, of course. A Subtle Revelry features the delicious recipe, which translates the donut into cake form:

Delicious donut cake

Send your guests home with a jar of edible goodies, such as sprinkles and other small candy. We love this sprinkles in a jar gift idea from Oh Joy!, especially since it involves beautiful containers that are the perfect punctuation mark on a lovely party.

Edible goodies in a jar party favor

Which of these three themes has grabbed your attention today? Perhaps you can incorporate a little bit of each into your latest party endeavor. Happy entertaining!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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