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Charming Ski Shores Lakehouse In Texas Offers A Tranquil Weekend Escape

The weekend retreats and cool cottage homes of Texas have an inimitable charm of their own. Draped in wood and stone, many of these marvelous delights come with an airy and open ambiance that sees the lines between the interior and the landscape being blurred with elegant charm. Combining this smart indoor-outdoor interplay with a breezy design style that evokes the images of a dreamy summer evening, the Ski Shores Lakehouse is all about relaxing in style! Giving the old Dogtrot style a contemporary makeover, the weekend getaway uses limestone, wood and glass in a balanced and beautiful fashion.

Breezy Ski Shores Lakehouse in Texas by Stuart Sampley Architect

Crafted by architect Stuart Sampley, this gorgeous home welcomes you with a sunken living room that allows you to escape the midday Texas heat with a quick, refreshing nap. The sunken space also offers ample privacy and gives the interior an air of luxury. A modern kitchen in neutral shades is enlivened by pops of yellow and cheerful bar stools. The extensive use of wood for both the flooring of the sunken living area, the kitchen island and the ceiling gives the home an inviting warmth that complements its open, cheerful look.

Gorgeous sunken living area and sliding glass walls create a breezy interior

Sunken living space with a cozy couch allows you to relax in peace

Beautiful wooden ceiling and walls combined with stone and glass

Spacious dining area with ample natural ventilation and lovely pendant lightin

Smart contemporary kitchen with a spacious island and colorful bar stools

Sleek kitchen bar stools in yellow coupled with more rustic wooden elements

Relaxed bedroom in white with lovely views of the landscape

Large sliding glass doors, smart windows and skylights usher in ample ventilation, while a cool bedroom in white offers the perfect private sanctuary with framed views of the backyard. An outdoor lounge and beautiful views of the nearby lake make the stay here even more pleasurable. An ideal way to escape the urban rush!

Wooden ceiling with skylights lets in ample ventilation

An interior that is effortlessly connected with the Texas landscape outside

Outdoor lounge with plush sofas in gray and yellow and turquoise accent pillows

Serene Texas weekend retreat with a breezy ambiance and modern facilities

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