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Dramatic Tel Aviv Apartment Brings Together Sand, Sea And Sensational Views

Contemporary architecture is as much about taking advantage of the amazing landscape outside as it is about shaping exquisite interiors. Located in the busy city of Tel Aviv and on the Mediterranean coast, Apartment 3 has been crafted to offer the best of both worlds. This gorgeous contemporary residence is more about the outdoors than the interior, as its living spaces seem to almost hover above the waves precariously, inviting the waves indoors! Designed by Daniel Hasson, the home features large glass windows that provide unabated views as the vast Mediterranean turns into a natural backdrop for the interior.

Amazing home next to ocean with lavish interiors

While the focus largely remains on the outdoors, the interior matches the elegance of the view with the use of unassuming, neutral shades that gracefully play second fiddle to the panoramic views. Black, cream and white are the three prominent shades used to fashion a relaxed and serene setting. Urban luxury is combined with a ‘holiday retreat ambiance,’ as smart appliances and tech-savvy additions become an integral part of the living room and the kitchen. The stylish living room features plush seating in white and a multimedia wall in black, while the kitchen and the dining space also embrace this sleek, contemporary look.

Stunning living room of contemporary residence in Tel Aviv with a black reflective wall

Tel Aviv Apartment living room that looks like it is floating on top of the ocean

Sleek kitchen in black with state of the art appliances and mesmerizing ocean views

A dining area that seems to be floating on top of the ocean

Beautiful contemporary bedroom in black and white with a headboard that extends up to the ceiling

The contrast between the living areas and the bedroom is apparent, with the latter offering far more privacy while providing framed views of the scenery outside. A lavish, spa-like bath with a standalone tub completes this residence spread across 250 square meters that wins you over with its Mediterranean magic!

Spacious contemporary bedroom in black, white and cream

Tufted bench at the end of comfy bed provides additional storage space

Lovely white sheer curtains allow in ample light

Exquisite contemporary bath in white that seems to be hovering above the ocean!

Freestanding tub in the contemporary bath that seems to stand on the edge of the ocean

Glass shower area with black tiles is a rarity in modern homes

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