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Minimalist Art For Your Home

Less is more. Are you a person who follows this philosophy when it comes to your interior? We at Decoist love the clean look of minimalist design. Whether your entire home boasts minimalist style or you prefer to purchase one or two pared-down pieces, showcasing a bare bones look has its benefits. When you strip away the layers, you can see each detail clearly–that’s one of the perks of minimalist art.

Today we showcase minimalism in the art realm by taking a look at the many possibilities it offers, by exploring sources for purchasing minimalist art, and by highlighting a few DIY projects that can help you get the look for less. Read on for more details…

Minimalist Art Inspiration

Why go minimalist with your artwork? If you enjoy uncluttered spaces, clean lines or bold shapes, this look just might be for you. What can minimalist art add to your interior? For one thing, color, as shown below! [photography by Earl Carter, from Australian Interior Design Awards]

Minimalist living room art

Minimalist artwork can also play up or introduce a specific motif, such as “geometric”. In the next featured image, we see a standout piece featuring a faceted hexagon. The result: a bold statement that doesn’t overpower the space. [from Kate Hayes Design]

Minimalist art in a modern bedroom

Even eclectic rooms can benefit from minimalist design on the walls, as shown below by the gallery-style displays of minimalist art in the next two images. Not to mention, the striped artwork reinforces the striped pattern on the rug, which helps tie the space together. [via Lonny]

Black and white minimalist artwork

Purchasing Minimalist Art

Are you hooked yet? You may be ready to buy minimalist artwork, but where do you start? If your budget isn’t constrained, check out local art shows and galleries. Research artists and styles that fit your aesthetic. If you’re on a tighter budget, no worries. There are plenty of amazing sources for purchasing minimalist art, including Etsy. Below we see vibrant shades of orange and blue in a piece called Eclipse from Etsy shop Poppy Loves Prints. This 8 x 10 piece is purchased as a download–you print it out!

Abstract minimalist wall art from Etsy shop Poppy Loves Prints

One current unique trend (and an affordable one at that) is the minimalist movie poster, which embraces the challenge of reducing a film down to a single image. Below we see two posters from the webshop of Jamie Bolton. Oh how we love ’80s movies. especially those that dabble in the realm of sci fi!

Minimalist film posters by Jamie Bolton

Minimalist art doesn’t have to be confined to flat surfaces. Introduce some metal into the mix with the Ajna Wall Hanging from CB2, crafted of black powdercoated iron with wire chords. Purchase more than one and display the pieces against a painted background:

Retro-style wall hanging

Yes, you can always find art with a minimalist slant at top retailers, including Z Gallerie. This Sea Urchin Shadowbox features a collection of shells on a linen background, framed by clean-lined distressed wood:

Minimalist sea urchin art

Minimalist Art DIY Tutorials

Feeling crafty? Consider making your own minimalist artwork. Not only is this a budget-friendly option, it will result in a piece with true personality. And one that you can be proud of! Below we see a Simple But Striking DIY Painting from Dans le Townhouse (this tutorial offers a series of easy-to-follow steps)!

Simple abstract painting

Let the phases of the moon be your guide with this Silver Moon Phases Wall Art created by Mandi of A Beautiful Mess. So simple, yet there’s so much depth. This work of art is also ideal for kids’ rooms, especially if your little ones love astronomy.

Moon phases wall art

Wooden sticks, a drill, a needle and thread are key supplies for this DIY Wall Decoration from Ohoh Blog, which takes the hexagon to new heights. The result: a cube that can instantly become the focal point of the room!

DIY geometric wall decoration

We end with an earthy yet colorful design idea from Ty Pennington. Sticks and fallen branches become minimalist works of art with the help of strategically placed paint. Easy, modern and unforgettable. [from Ty Pennington Photography via Kim Lewis Blog]

Painted stick wall art

When it comes to minimalist art, are you likely to browse it, purchase it, or put your art skills to the test? We at Decoist think all three paths are winning solutions to your design dilemma!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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