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Trendy Minimalist Wood Chair Wrapped In Multicolored Suspender Magic!

Innovative design and original decor are ideal ways to give your home a sense of exclusivity while keeping up with the hottest current trends. Crafted with a hint of playfulness and ample ingenuity by Luca Martorano and Georg Muehlamm of Oudoorz Gallery, the Bretelle Chair is truly one-of-a-kind. Exquisite and classy thanks to its minimal wood frame, the chair offers a perfect fusion of elegant contemporary design and casual, colorful charm. The bespoke wood chair uses suspenders for the back and the seat, ensuring that each piece is unique and crafted to match the color scheme of your own home.

Bretelle chair Designed by Luca Martorano with Georg Muehlamm

We always talk about switching between the hottest colors of the season, and the Bretelle Chair allows you to do so with the simple switch of the suspenders. From bright and bubbly orange and fluorescent greens to stoic grey and charming turquoise, you can let your imagination take flight when choosing a Bretelle Chair! With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to give your interior a breezy makeover, and this cool chair does exactly that without going overboard.

Also ideal for outdoor use, the chair can be easily brought in when not in use, thanks to its ultra-light wood frame. Priced at €829, the chair sure does not come cheap, but it’s easy on the eyes and also on the planet thanks to its organic design. So, are you ready to spice up your summer with some suspenders?

Stylish and minimal wooden frame of the Bretelle Chair

Side view of the stylish suspneders chair in bubbly orange

Gorgeous chair with a solid wood frame and wrapped in colorful suspenders

Loose suspender straps around teh frame of the Bretelle Chair

Beautiful wooden chair with turquoise and yellow back and seat

Bespoke wood chair wrapped in bright green and elegant grey

Eleagnt and minimalist wooden chair in trendy grey

Closer look at the back of the Bretelle Chair

A multitude of colorful straps of the chair to enliven your interiors

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