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Timeless And Striking Lighting Additions With Show-Stopping Flair!

There is a reason why most designers and interior design aficionados are so consumed by lighting fixtures. Apart from the millions of options that are on offer (quite literally), pendant lights and lamps often tend to make or break the look of your home. Lighting is without a doubt the most important cog in creating that perfect home with inviting ambiance. And today we have three amazing and dramatic delights that steal the show with ease and help in fashioning brilliant focal points.

by Wendy Resin Interiors

While two of these items redefine the conventional perception of chandeliers by bringing an element of playful quirkiness, the third is a series of pendants that has stood tall for over six decades and has set a trend in sculptural lighting. From the opulent and artistic to the minimal and the modern, here is a trio of selections that promise to bowl you over with their glittering allure!

by Webber + Studio, Architects

by Axis Mundi

Middle Eastern Charm of Sara!

Moving away from cookie-cutter modern chandelier design, the Sara Milk Glass chandelier takes you back in time and even transports you to the Middle East! There is something perceptibly exotic about the design of this hand-blown glass lighting fixture. Taking the classic Mediterranean and Egyptian lighting style and reinventing it with modern charm, this inspired lighting fixture is for those looking to usher a touch of color into their home. While it seems perfect for homes with farmhouse, beach, craftsman and eclectic styles, the inspirational images on display here will show you that it’s equally at home in modern spaces.

by Threshold Interiors

by Taste Design

by Greeson & Fast Design

Crafted by Canopy Designs, the Sara chandelier is available in a multitude of colors that range from vibrant red and warm orange to jade green and pink. Yet it is the cool aqua blue and turquoise versions that seem to be the most popular among homeowners. These tend to blend in effortlessly with interiors boasting a blue and white color scheme.

by Kate Jackson Design

by LDa Architecture & Interiors

by Ben Herzog

by Rachel Reider Interiors

The Minimal Magic of 85 Lamps

Designed by Rody Graumans for Droog, the 85 Lamps Chandelier is for those who love to combine the grandeur of a chandelier with sleek, minimal aesthetics. The lamp simply uses the bare minimum, and the simple multiplication of the bulbs, wires and connectors helps create the image of a spectacular lighting fixture. Despite using 85 bulbs, the chandelier has moved towards LED lighting to cut down significantly on power consumption when compared to the first model that was rolled out in 1993. Despite painting an opulent visual, this chandelier seems at home in industrial and minimal settings alike.

by David Bucovy Architect

by Gathrid design

The 85 Lamps Chandelier looks even more appealing when the backdrop is kept as neutral as possible. Using the lamp in an open floor plan helps define and demarcate individual spaces and also brings a sense of proportionality in rooms with a high ceiling. Both understated and vivid, 85 Lamps is hard to beat in terms of simplicity and style.

by Phase2Builders

by Rowland Design

by Vinci – Hamp Architects

by Knowles Blunck Architecture

Iconic PH Lights

Designed in 1958, the series of PH lights has sparked a revolution in the design of lighting fixtures. Pøul Henningsen was the genius behind these sculptural creations that are as relevant today as they were when they first made a splash in the ’60s. The entire collection features a wide variety of pendants that range from the beautiful Artichoke to the more minimal Snowball and offers homeowners a truly diverse choice. In fact, the inimitable Artichoke pendant and its 72 laser-cut leaves have inspired many similar pendants over the last 50 years that have tried to recapture its magic!

by Product Bureau LLC

by Anne Fougeron

Picking a pendant light or a chandelier can seem perplexing at times. But it is best to pick a lighting fixture that promises to stand the test of time and will ensure that all that cash you splurge on it does not go wasted just a season or two down the line. And these three classics promise all that and a whole lot more!

by Kaylovesvintage

by Begin Design

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