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Dreamy and Classic Boxwood Gardens

Springtime is such a beautiful and wonderful time, isn’t it? We start to see all kinds of blooms, beautiful flowers, and color finally makes a comeback after a long winter. Though I am a huge fan of flowers, when it comes to large-scale landscaping, I prefer classic, lush greens. Boxwood is, in my opinion, a perfect candidate for getting this look, regardless of the size of your garden.

balcony boxwood design

by Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

boxwood backyard landscape

by Pam Adams / Sunny Rousette Photography

Potted Boxwood

It doesn’t have to grow in the ground to count as a garden, you know? Boxwood looks great when planted in large terracotta pots and can make a grand statement, as in this case. Not everyone has a staircase quite this grand, but imagine the impact a little potted boxwood could have on your front steps, and how grand even 2-3 steps would look flanked like this. [Via This is Glamorous]

potted boxwood garden

More terracotta. These extra large pots provide great height and interest in any front entrance. Though the pots are slightly different, the boxwood plants are the same size and height, pulling the whole look together. The terracotta also complements the redness in the brick. Adding some sweet flowers to the bottom of the boxwood is also a great space-filler in case you get some gaps! [Via My Design Chic]

simple boxwood pots

potted boxwood

Platinum Poolcare / Photo by Outvision Photography

This garden has a massive mix of both style and size when it comes to the pots. The rounded boxwood brings it all together, and having both pots and plants in different heights gives the garden a lovely texture and provides privacy at the same time. [Via Greige Design]

rounded boxwood landscape

Boxwood in Varying Heights

Talk about a great entrance! Though the space is small, I imagine it would feel a bit like walking into your own little labyrinth every time you come home. I also happen to love that the boxwood provides privacy here, so if you want to sit and enjoy a cup of tea, no one will see that you’re still in your pajamas! [Via Better Homes and Gardens]

Sweet boxwood garden

boxwood garden design

by Schmechtig Landscapes

beautiful landscape with boxwood

by {environmental concept}

Alright, so this is a bit of an elaborate garden, but a girl can dream, right? I love the shapes the boxwood has been cut into, and how some of the plants seem to melt into one another. The varying heights give interest to this garden regardless of your vantage point. [Via Loic Brohard]

Ornate boxwood garden

This backyard oasis doesn’t need tall boxwood for privacy, since it has plenty of trees and a nice tall wall. The low boxwood makes for great separation between the walkway and the garden, and would be an ideal solution if you have pets that like to explore! [Via My Design Chic]

simple boxwood landscape

This is another good example of using low-cut boxwood. In this case, garden spaces are created without adding other varieties of plants within. Yet the shapes add much variety to this garden, though there are no other colors but green. Kind of amazing that a monochromatic garden can be so intricate. [Via My Design Chic]

potted and low boxwood garden

Geometric Boxwood

You can tell by now that boxwood is a very shapely plant to work with, and that means you can put all of your geometry math lessons from grade school to good use as you create awesomely intricate gardens. Mixing sharp and rounded edges means you always have something interesting to look at! [Via My Design Chic]

boxwood and pebble landscape

Boxwood pyramids? I love it. Don’t ask me how much time it would take to get these tall plants trimmed, but hey, I’m sure this kind of end result is well worth the effort, right? Don’t forget to mix the pyramids with circular shapes to keep this look extra interesting. [Via Ultra Panavision]

angular boxwood garden

I’m already plotting how I can use boxwood to spruce up my garden this spring and summer. Just imagine how chic the front of your house would feel with a few touches of this mighty greenery! Or better, even, you could build your own labyrinth in your backyard! Happy planting!

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