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Tranquil Treehouse Cabin In Canada Offers A Getaway Concealed By Nature!

How would you like your own treehouse in the woods that offers some of the best possible views and is hidden away from any prying eyes? Former software professional and architect Joel Allen built the Hemloft right under some of the most expensive mountain homes in all of Canada. Located in the backwoods of Whistler, British Columbia, this egg-shaped delight soon became the perfect refuge for a man who wanted to find retirement while in his mid-20s! Crafted completely by hand and sporting an amazing entryway, it truly is an ‘escape’ in every sense of the word.

HemLoft cabin with a beuatiful walkway

Shaped like an egg and sitting among plenty of green, this wonder retreat in the woods was crafted completely from recycled material and with a little help from his more charitable friends. The interior of the treehouse is spacious enough for someone to easily spend a few days here as they take in the many sights and sounds outside. Cool windows provide ample natural ventilation, and while you are at the Hemloft, you might well spend more time outdoors than inside!

Gorgeous Treehouse cabin set among the forests of Canada

Lovely treehouse allows you to stay connected with nature

Serene treehouse retreat in the woods of British Columbia

Tranquil treehouse retreat HemLoft by Joel Allen

Treehouse cabin in Whistler by Joel Allen

View of the HemLoft treehouse from below

Beautigul entrance to the compact treehouse

Entrance to the ingenious treehouse cabin by Joel Allen

The interior itself is simple with a few shelves, a small kitchen and a place to crash. But once the word of this wonderful tree house got out, the obvious matter of constructing on government property came up. While the Hemloft might not stay in the Whistler woods forever, it definitely offers great design inspiration for anyone trying to build a fabulous tree house in his or her own backyard. Perfect design inspiration leading into the weekend!

Suspended walkway leading to the treehouse

Interior of the HemLoft

Small and compact kitchen of the Hemloft

Enjoying the outdoors from the cabin

Amazing little cabin hangs from the treetops

Treehouse cabin HemLoft at night

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