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Interior Design Trend: Tropical Decor

It started last year with the flamingos. Yes, the pink birds that rose to fame through the likes of ’80s art and the opening credits of Miami Vice. Around the same time, pineapples made a stylish appearance on everything from glassware to tea towels. Soon after, I predicted that parrots would follow, and they have. [from Zara Home]

Tropical home decor from Zara Home

Not to mention, fruit-themed finds are everywhere this season, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it! Today’s post is dedicated to all things tropical. No, summer hasn’t yet arrived, but that’s not stopping these tasty motifs from filling the shelves. Get ready for a refreshing, breezy selection of tropical decor

Textiles Featuring Tropical Foliage

If you’re not heading to the beach anytime soon, you can still experience the relaxing sway of the palm trees, thanks to some amazing new textiles from H&M Home. This King/Queen Duvet Cover Set features a tropical printed pattern in turquoise. A cotton duvet cover and two pillowcases are offered in this set, which is classic yet modern at the same time:

Tropical duvet cover set

You can enjoy the pattern in different colors and formats, as shown by H&M Home’s array of tropical decor. Below we see a variety of items, including the yellow Linen Cushion Cover:

Tropical textiles from H&M Home

Fruit-Themed Motifs

Yes, pineapples are still going strong this season! I was thrilled to come across these Play Fruit Templates from Mr. Printables. These are free printables, folks! In addition to the pineapple and watermelon below, you can craft a variety of fruit selections, including bananas and blueberries. Simply print and cut out each template, score the dotted lines and glue the tabs. These make fabulous decorations for kids’ rooms!

Play fruit templates

Did you catch the fun April fool’s prank that blogger Joy Cho played on her audience April 1st? While the over-sized “friend tote” below (for carrying around your friend when her feet get tired–ha!) may not be an actual item from Joy’s upcoming summer collection for Target, the fruit-themed bag is a very real concept. And it will be offered in a smaller size beginning in May. [from Oh Joy!]

Oversized sample of an upcoming fruit-motif bag from the Oh Joy! for Target Summer Collection

I love shopping for art on Etsy. You can find stylish pieces from talented artists in a variety of hues and motifs. There’s something wonderfully colorful and geometric about this Original Pineapple Watercolor Painting from Etsy shop Jaschlos. Perfect for summer and evoking warm thoughts year-round:

Original pineapple watercolor painting from Etsy shop Jaschlos

The room below is decked out in tropical finds. If you look a little closer you can see a couple of ceramic Decorative Pineapple Ornaments from Zara Home resting on the white table…

Tropical selections from Zara Home

Decor Featuring Tropical Birds

From fruit to birds… Nobody has celebrated parrots this season quite like Zara Home! This Selva Lampshade makes a bold statement in linen, don’t you think?! Let’s hear it for jungle-print decor!

Tropical lampshades with a parrot motif

More parrot-filled fun can be found in Zara Home’s Colorful Parrot Bookend and Jungle Paperweight, pictured below. I’m picturing a tropical update for my home office!

Parrot-themed decor from Zara Home

While these avian-themed pillows aren’t specifically tropical, the Crewel Parakeet Pillow from West Elm (below, right) would look right at home in a beachy living space or bedroom. This vibrant pillow is embroidered with raised stitches for a textural feel:

Bird-themed pillows from West Elm

In case you were wondering, flamingos are still alive and well this season, thanks to decor such as the Lemon & Lime Mojito Classic Square Jar Candle from Flamingo Candles. This company offers a vibrant array of candles in a variety of scents and color combinations. Love the logo!

Stylish flamingo candle

Are you ready to welcome tropical motifs into your home? I’m really tempted to start a collection of ceramic parrots, both vintage and new. What has piqued your interest?

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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