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Eco-Friendly Seattle House Blends Sustainability With Cheerful Elegance

Sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly becoming an important part of home and office designs across the globe. Many homeowners are taking the help of pioneering architects to build their dream homes that put a smile on the face of the planet as well! Then there are others who are turning to groundbreaking designs like shipping container homes and versatile prefab metallic structures to cut back both on carbon footprint and costs. Embracing this green wave is the Main Street House by SHED Architecture & Design in Seattle.

Facade of the main Street House in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood

Designed to meet the needs of a couple (both geologists, who now mostly work from home), the residence embraces a relaxed and vibrant appeal. The color scheme is largely kept neutral with simple grays, whites and warm wooden tones dominating the interior. In fact, if you switched around some of the decor, it may very well seem like an Asian-inspired home! With partial views of Lake Washington and Leschi Park, the house is spread across three different levels. The basement features the entry and a bedroom, and it leads to the more open levels above.

The first level incorporates a dining and kitchen area that opens up towards the terrace, while a spacious living area is tucked away on the opposite side. The top floor holds the twin offices for the couple, along with a deck area that offers lovely views of the gorgeous landscape around the house.

Entrance to the single family house in Seattle

Simple and efficinet design of the outdoor seating

Track lighting and the Eero Saarinen Womb Chair inside the house

Ceiling with wooden beams gives the home a rustic touch

Cozy little nook next to the fireplace

Iconic Saucer pendants from Isamu Noguchi above the dining table

Beautiful kitchen with a window above the kitchen counter

Floating shelves and kitchenware used to create a gorgeous kitchen display

Breezy dining and kitchen areas connected with the terrace outside

But the one aspect of this house that truly sets it apart from the rest is the array of green features that have been incorporated by the architects. Passive solar heating and cooling design naturally keeps the temperature inside moderate, even during change of seasons. A high-efficiency boiler with a rooftop solar-thermal preheat, a heat recovery system, a rainwater harvesting system and energy-efficient lighting fixtures combine to save up on energy consumption. Serene, sustainable and smart at every turn…

narrow staircase desgn idea saves up on space

Sleek bedside nightstand and lighting idea

Small mud room idea with a rug and floating shelves

Lovely use of rugs to add color and softness to the interior

Contemporary bathroom with ample natural ventilation

Closer look at the energy-efficinet home lighting installation

Attic deck space with wire chairs

Exterior of the Seattle home in white and grey

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