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Small And Stylish Sleeper Sofas

Having a place for guests to sleep at your house is ideal, because it makes you feel like a great hostess and makes people feel really welcome in your house, too! The thing is, we don’t always have a bunch of space to spare, so setting up a full-sized bed is not always possible. What to do? Sleeper sofas to the rescue! It is possible to be a welcoming hostess and a stylish one! Here are some sleeper sofas that won’t take up too much space, and that look fabulous!

Ivory and Taupe Sleepers

Tiny, functional, and stylish. This sofa bed looks like a space-saving piece, and it is, but it’s much more than that. You could actually have two people sleep in this double bed, so it would be an ideal sofa to have in an office or small guest room. [Via CB2]

This traditional sofa could really go anywhere, couldn’t it? The light color and small size of the loveseat make this a versatile and easy-to-decorate-with piece of furniture that you and your guests will be happy to see (and sleep on!). [Via Sleepers In Seattle]

Grey and Black Sleeper Sofas

Those super sleep arms and the low, wide cushions make this sofa a sleek and modern option for any home. The fact that it’s super easy to make into an extra bed is a huge bonus, since it means no pulling and struggling with a pull-out. [Via CB2]

I never would have guessed just by looking at this sofa that it was a sleeper! I love the tufted detailing and those lumbar pillows, but the easy-to-use mechanism to make it into a bed (like the last sofa) is one of its greatest features. [Via Urban Outfitters]

This is probably the coolest sofa I have ever seen! Love the lumbar pillow I wrote about above? Well it’s about as big as the giant lumbar on this sofa! I love that this can be either a single or a double sleeper, depending on your needs. [Via Design Within Reach]

Yes, this is essentially a futon, but without the typical tacky futon fabric. This option is great for a small space, because the sofa takes up very little room, and a simple move of the coffee table means this can be made into a bed within about a minute! [Via CB2]

This is another sofa that you can’t tell is a sleeper on first impression. It has a more traditional-style pull-out, but without the springs in the mattress and the metal mechanisms, which makes it silent and way less likely to break! [Via Gus]

This is just such a cool little couch, isn’t it? I love how versatile it is and that it even has the option to have a little headrest, if you like to lay down and read or watch TV. Also, that rounded design is fantastic for small spaces! [Via All Modern]

Colorful Sleeper Sofas

It doesn’t get any easier than this, does it? A simple removal of the back cushions and viola! Bed! The cool yellow makes this piece a statement in whatever room you might need extra seating or sleeping. [Via Gus]

The fabric is one of my favorite things about this sofa, because it looks like a vintage piece, yet the design is so modern. That all-over tufting (even on the sides of the sofa) is also kind of amazing! [Via Urban Outfitters]

Oh my goodness… a hot pink sofa? YES PLEASE! I love love love how bold of a statement this sofa makes and how incredibly versatile and useful it is! The storage is genius, because it makes life for you and your sleepover guests so much easier. [Via IKEA]

Alright, so I obviously had big love for the pink, but this may be my favorite. I mean, sage green velvet? This is the chicest, most unique sleeper sofa I’ve ever seen, and it certainly doesn’t give itself away. The curved details are stunning, don’t you think? [Via Urban Outfitters]

As someone who has been considering a sleeper for the guest bedroom rather than a traditional bed, these options definitely have got me thinking! Do you have a sleeper sofa at home? Does it look as cool as some of these? I can tell you that I’ve never had a sofa anywhere near as modern, small and useful as these selections, but I definitely want one now!

Thalita Murray

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