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Brick Backsplashes: Rustic and Full of Charm

Kitchen backsplashes come in many shapes and sizes, as well as textures! Smooth may be the logical choice, because after all, backsplashes can get messy, and the easier to clean the better. However, I think there’s something to be said for adding a bit of rough texture to the kitchen, which is so full of smooth surfaces. The best way to get natural texture? I’d say brick, because it’s irregular yet all pieces are the same size, it comes in different colors, and you can always paint it! Let’s have a look at some kitchen backsplash ideas…

Red Brick Backsplashes

This kitchen is such a wonderful mix of soft and rough textures, and also of modern and traditional materials. How amazing is that marble countertop with the large range and the brick backsplash? Pretty darn amazing! [Via Resource Dir]

Another beautiful mixture of textures here. The white cupboard doors are a lovely black canvas, and the butcher block matches perfectly to the floor, adding a great uniformity to the room. The warmth of the brick and the wood also complement one another very well. [Via Welke]

Before we get to the amazing backsplash, look at all of the other elements in this room, like the massive wood beams in the ceiling and that range hood! Wow! All of the details in this kitchen are amazing – the lights, the plates on the wall, the gorgeous countertops… [Via Indulgy]

All white with warm walls and floors. This kitchen is traditional-cool and I love it. Speaking of cool, it’s lovely how the cool tones on the countertop pick up on the greys in the brick. Intentional or not, it works! [Via Liz Marie Blog]

Whitewashed Brick Backsplashes

This wall looks like it may have had its beautiful brick integrity salvaged, and it’s a good thing it was! The original brick comes through, but it looks like this wall was once painted white (and perhaps another color), and now the red is peeking through in some areas. Such a fabulous texture! [Via Thomas Bendel Architekt]

It’s great how the red in this brick peeks through the soft whitewash painted over the backsplash. This kitchen has a lot of mixing happening, with two types of countertops, the textured backsplash, traditional white cupboards and a cool stone floor. [Via Little Progress Notes]

The white ash is slightly darker in this kitchen, but it works really well since it’s also a partial wall and does not cover the whole length of the countertops. Copper and natural wood tones pop in a memorable way against the hints of red from the brick. [Via Better Homes and  Gardens]

Brick Backsplashes Painted White

This is a pure country look – I mean, check out that chicken – but it’s so chic with those brass pieces hanging on the brick wall! This is a kitchen you could live in, isn’t it? [Via MFAMB]

A complete shift from the country look, this next featured space is a modern take on the white-painted bricks. It’s the all-white kitchen with a touch of rustic, and I love it! It’s an ideal canvas for those pops of color on the light fixture and arrows. [Via Domaine Home]

Another all-white kitchen! Some people say the all-white look is on its way out, but with the texture of the brick and the cool, shiny, modern cupboards, I say it should stay! This is rustic-chic all the way. [Via Idei Interera]

I imagine this kitchen could belong in a cool cottage or beach house. The brushed nickel on the door pulls and that black countertop are perfect together, as is the farmhouse sink, which is the ideal match for the brick backsplash. [Via Remodelista]

Alright, so who wants to go put up a brick backsplash with me? Anyone? I think we should just go for it. After all, we have 11 examples right here that should make it very easy to convince anyone to do so!

Thalita Murray

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