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Have a Seat: 10 Floor Cushions That Will Make You Want To!

I don’t know about you, but I happen to absolutely love me some floor cushions! Additional seating is important regardless of the size of your home, and floor cushions may just be the most stylish, most comfortable and more versatile way to add that extra seating to basically any room of your home! Today I’m going to share with you 10 of my favourite looks for floor cushions with a variety of materials that’ll have you looking at your floors in a whole new way!

Neutral Floor Cushions To Fit In Anywhere

This dhurrie pouf from West Elm has a fantastic graphic pattern that is very classic yet on trend. The size means it would be very roomy for sitting on, but you could also see this acting as a super comfy ottoman, paired with your favorite chair. The pouf is neutral enough to match just about any decor style, so moving it around the house would be very easy!

This is a much lower cushion, which means it’s perfect for stacking if you need extra height. I happen to love how the knitted pattern brings out the texture in the pouf, almost like it’s a sea creature sitting on your living room floor. This CB2 pouf is also perfect with other low pieces of furniture, so that there aren’t any dramatic height differences.

Why should adults get all the fun? This Land of Nod pouf is adorably perfect with numbers along the sides. Truth be told, it could very well be used in an adult bedroom or a living room, which makes it amazingly versatile. The canvas is super easy to clean, so bring it on, kids!

Colorful Floor Cushions For a Bit of Fun

White walls, white couch, black window frames and coffee table. Where is the color? In the accessories, of course! These leather poufs from Crate & Barrel are super spunky in their bright colors, and can you imagine how beautifully that leather will fade? Not to mention, it’ll get softer and softer every time you use it.

Pattern and color? Yes please. These round poufs are also from Land of Nod, which means they’re intended for kids, but come on… these would be great for a family room to use as extra seating for those board game nights! The fun chevron pattern definitely could help set a playful mood!

Scandinavian design is always hot, and these simple, bold floor cushions are so much fun, and look so comfortable! I love that the pattern on the black and white cushion almost mimics the floor boards, and the pops of color bring a dash of fun and interest to the room! You can see more over at Clumsy With Words.

Is it a secret that pink is fabulous?! Remember this pink post? You know you love pink too, so why not embrace it by adding little bits of the color in accessories like this leather pouf? The Nester nails it by using the pouf under a table, which makes a workspace so much more comfortable, because who doesn’t love to put their feet up? This piece is also easy to move over to the living room for extra seating whenever needed.

White Floor Cushions to Brighten Things Up

If you already live in a colourful space or you’re not a big fan of bright hues, then a white floor cushion might be just what you need. The simplicity of this faux leather pouf is really quite perfect, because it just blends into the room while serving as an extra surface for temporary storage until it can be used for something else. By the way, this is another Land of Nod piece!

Ok, so you like the white pouf, but you want it to be more luxe, and say, real leather? This is the pick for you, then. This pouf seamlessly blends into the room like the last one, but it certainly stands out as a beautiful and comfortable seat in a completely neutral living room. And how about that wallpaper? The whole thing is fabulous and you can see more at MomToob.

Now for serious luxury, this is the jackpot right here. These fabric poufs look as though they were made for a queen, and in this neutral living room full of subtle sparkle and cottage charm, you just might find yourself with a glass of wine (very carefully) lounging a Friday night away. [Image from Interiors Designed]

How do you feel about floor cushions now? They’re pretty amazing, right?

Thalita Murray

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