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How to Decorate with Pink in a Classy Way

Alright, so you might be thinking “Why would I ever want to decorate with pink? I don’t want my house to look like an 8-year-old girl took over.” I get it. But are there ways to use pink in your decor and still have a room that looks classy, fun, or perhaps even modern? Yes.  I dare say so. Let’s see a few ways that we can pull this off, shall we?

Pink on a Small Scale

Sometimes it’s all in the details. You don’t have to be overwhelmed by large-scale items or committing a lot of space (and money) into decorating with a color you may just get sick of. Here are some small but mighty ways you can use pink at home:

This is subtle as it gets. In this kitchen design by Christine of Bijou and Boheme (featured on Style Me Pretty Living), there’s pink in the flowers, the candlesticks, and peeking through on a rug on the right. It’s not overwhelming, and it definitely doesn’t take focus away from the fantastic kitchen design.

Check out that pink Pouf. It’s perfection! This time we see beauty and function since a pouf is decorative, but it also makes for great additional seating or a comfy spot to rest your feet. Check out the full tour of the Soma Photography Studio.

In a completely neutral space, a pop of color can be so refreshing! In this case, the pinks are in small pops: in the painting, the candle and details of the Kate Spade book on the coffee table. Even a small matchbox adds to the coherence of the tiny but significant touch of pink warmth. See more of this home tour of Danielle on The Everygirl.

If you’re a lover of books like I am, then you might as well use them in your decor! Color-blocking them allows your books to become pieces of art, helping them add to your decor rather than just randomly sitting on your shelves. Put those pretty books to good use, like Jacqueline did in her apartment.

Pink on a Large Scale

If you’re all about “go big or go home,” then these images might inspire you even more!

The girl behind super girly blog Valentine also has a super girly home, but it’s totally classy and pink in the best of ways. Committing to furniture in a bold color takes guts, but you can see how it can also be totally worth it when it’s perfect, like it is at Sarah’s place.

Do you see it? Yes, the massive rug in this living room is pink, but can you see what else is? The walls! See it now? Yeah, that’s bit commitment right there, but Nicole was fearless when it came to making this bold move (even if the pink is subtle) in her home. It’s a beautiful room and definitely worth a tour, which you can see on her blog, Making It Lovely.

A pink couch is probably as big of a commitment as you can get, no? Well, Caitlin Wilson went there, and the result is stunning! The added pink detail on her curtains frames the couch, almost like it’s a piece of art (which it basically is!).

 I do hope you’ve enjoyed this pink roundup, and hopefully you’ll think twice now before completely giving up on this color!

Thalita Murray

Thalita is a school teacher by day, fierce DIY'er by night. Her fuel of choice is ice cream (preferably chocolate) and you can always find her daydreaming of her next DIY project, scouring the aisles at IKEA, antique-hunting or cuddling with her adorable pup. She's also constantly glued to her phone, feeding her obsession with Instagram, of cours[...]

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