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Paper Lanterns For Not-So-Oriental Homes

Originally, I wanted to center today’s post around simple lantern ideas for homes in urban settings, but I found that so many of these designs involve children’s bedrooms and nurseries, an idea immediately planted itself in my mind — DIY projects for spring time.

Not to diverge too far away from the main idea, which is paper lanterns for attractive homes, I’m going to highlight some unique ways you can incorporate collapsible decorations around the home, with a heavy emphasis on bedrooms. I hope you are ready for some “awws,” because even I couldn’t resist feeling mushy inside when browsing through some of these lantern selections.

Adorable Lantern Ideas For Any Occasion

Lanterns are special in that they do not require any additional work to pair well with the decor. They are extremely easy to install and are undeniably charming – probably one of the few decoration options that is perfect to hang up all year round.

by B Pilla Design Studio

Not sure what to do with your high-ceiling suspension? Well, I would definitely suggest some hanging lanterns to fill that extra space in between the overhead area and the bedroom furnishings. Lanterns that double as chandeliers can be a great option if you ever wanted to get a bit fancy.

by Charlie Barnett Associates

I hope you have nothing against white floating orbs in the home, because I can’t think of any other way to describe lanterns. But I mean, come on, who can really object to these charismatic ornaments that can calm any atmosphere?!

by Collins

If you really want to go all out, then match the color of your lanterns with that of your furnishings, much like the room above. By keeping one color scheme throughout the home, you not only create a linear artistic experience, but also a chic, modern layout that deserves some honest praise.

by Decordeman

You can really go either direction with lantern colors and designs. You’ve seen some soft-toned lanterns in rooms that are more reserved, but in the dining room above, you are coming across designs that are bolder and fabulously intriguing.

Cute Lantern Ideas For Children

As an adult, you might think lanterns have little value in terms of home decor, but you’d think otherwise if you let down your guard. As I browsed through many posts showcasing top nurseries and children’s bedrooms featuring paper lanterns, I found myself wishing I were a still a carefree child, free to express myself in whatever way possible. Scroll through the rooms below to see if we are on the same page, and if you can take some inspiration for your next home renovation.

by A.S.D.

White and beige lanterns work well with rooms that feature pink or coral-colored walls. For a rich touch of color, go for warm-toned lantern shades.

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Clusters of smaller lanterns dangling from the ceiling are all the rage right now. While giant lanterns are the go-to selections, smaller lanterns, no bigger than 10 inches in diameter, give the room a more sporadic and whimsical attitude, perfect for a toddler’s bedroom or playroom.

by Jeannette Lunde

by Wall Pops

Because most lanterns are round in shape, they can look as if they just leaped out from the wallpaper, especially when the wallpaper features a polka-dot theme. Optical illusions are great!


by Robin Colton Interior Design Studio

by Merry Eliman

Odd Lantern Shapes

Many of us are more accustomed to seeing circular or rectangular lanterns, but there are other shapes designers love to experiment with. It’s hard to guess which design would work well for you… Check out the lantern selections below for two completely different characteristics.

by John Lum Architecture Inc.

by Mike Night Construction

Does this change your view on paper lanterns as home decorations? Let us know!

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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