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Upscale Living In City Apartments With A Modern Feel

We all strive for sophistication; there’s no doubt about it. To be sophisticated, it means one must possess poise and elegance, while acting with refined judgement and an acuity of mind. But how does all of this translate into “sophisticated living?” For starters, you need living quarters that nurture great character and motivate a healthy work ethic. For downtown apartments and lofts, such decor characteristics couldn’t be any more ideal!

Dramatic Changes To The Interiors

When you are going for a change of lifestyle or a change of interior design, you must be comfortable with change, mainly because you wouldn’t want to feel out of place in your newly furnished living space. Keeping that in mind, I can’t stress enough how important it is to explore the other end of the spectrum. By that, I mean modern designs and modern homes.

by Amy Lau Design

Change can happen in many ways. For staters, it could be as simple as purchasing a new dining table set like the one above. If you are going for a trendy fusion of eco-friendliness and modern chicness, then the table above will fit nicely in your much anticipated dining room.

by Linda Shore Design

If you are going for modern atmosphere in the bedroom, I would suggest a leather-wrapped bed for both comfort and aesthetics. The warm color of the furnishing pairs well with the eggshell-colored wall, a combination that has been a growing trend in modern interior design, especially since spring is just around the corner.

by Lucy Call

If your apartment looks like the room above, don’t feel discouraged, because you too can turn a cinderblock box into something more attractive. It’s not about what you have, but how you work with it. Add some art, throw in a wood bench, assemble a few bookshelves, and presto!

by Louise De Marina 

Natural Light Is Crucial

Sure you might not have the best view from your city apartment, but honestly, who really does? If you fall into this particular group, then maybe this is a tip that will benefit you: Incorporating natural light is a crucial design feature that should never be overlooked.

by The Cross Design

Minimalist decor (featured above) is perfect for urban-area homes that rely on natural light. By maximizing the amount of natural light, you will not only have a room that is refreshing to live in, but also a living space that appears to be larger than its actual size.

by Ezra Lee Design + Build

by Dufner Heights Inc

You know those Hollywood movies where boy meets girl, girl falls in love, and they have their first kiss on the roof? Well, those stories really do take place in reality. So if you are someone who is feverishly looking for love, then perhaps arranging an outdoor setting like the one above would add some sparkle to your love life. Can’t get any more natural light than sitting outside!

by Maven Interiors

See how the room above features an extremely heavy atmosphere? Well, the floor-to-ceiling window welcomes a gracious amount of light, creating a more sophisticated look without too much effort.

Interesting Decorations

When aiming for a city apartment, you shouldn’t forget to incorporate unique embellishments. They can be anything from delicate seashells to new panels of curtains–choose creatively!

by Dufner Heights Inc 

by Michael Abrams Limited

by Elad Gonen

Don’t have enough space in your studio apartment? Partition the room with glass walls and create a whole new separate room with a few hinges and a measuring tape… you may need more than that, but you get the idea.

by Transform

by PMK Designers

by Emerick Architects

by Tsida

What does your urban apartment look like? What are some unique decor techniques you used to maximize space or improve aesthetics? Leave a comment and read about how others are embellishing their homes…

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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