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Stylish Vanity Desks For Any Modern-Day Marie Antoinette

As women, we rarely have a moment to ourselves. Between the cooking and cleaning, there is a never-ending list of to-do’s that just keep piling up, regardless of how ambitiously we try to check things off. That is why it is so important for us to squeeze in a breather every now and again. Sure, it’s nice to come home and drown out your weariness in a hot, steamy bath, but that’s at the end of the day, when the only thing on your mind is how wonderful it is to shut the blinds and call it a day. What about the morning, when you’re getting ready for a brand new day?

Personally, I enjoy waking up a few minutes before I should – even when every limb of my body is screaming for five extra minutes – and trying to make myself presentable for the day ahead. When I say presentable, I mean a full-on make-up session in front of my off-white vanity desk. I like to think of it as my daily salvation, especially when I looked long and hard for the perfect desk to match my personality and decor style. I know my choice for a vanity desk, but do you? No worries if you don’t, because today’s post is dedicated to helping you find The One!

Hidden In the Closet

If you are going for a space-saver, vanity desks that are nestled inside the closet are furnishings you should definitely check out. Simple, elegant and inconspicuously designed, these attractive desks are exactly what you need to feel like the successful power-woman that is you.

by Visbeen Architects

Back when my vanity desk was in the bathroom, I had to tip-toe my way around the many puddles of water that had accumulated after my morning shower to ensure my pant legs didn’t get wet. I know you can relate to what I’m talking about! But now that I reorganized my home interior, that problem no longer exists! Think smartly and make this necessary adjustment.  You won’t regret it!

by John Senhauser Architects

Corner Vanity Desks

So maybe stand-alone vanity desks are not your thing. That’s not a problem. If you want, you can plan ahead and include a vanity desk into the initial bathroom or bedroom layout. For homes that feature custom-made vanity desks like the examples below, this particular style can also be a great space-saver, considering everything tightly fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.

by Greg Lodson

by Top Notch Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

by Bauhaus Custom Home

by Ernesto Garcia Interior Design

If you want to go for a Victorian-style vanity desk, the selection above will be perfect for your refined and elegant tastes. The purple-inked marble countertop adds the right amount of texture to animate the bathroom.

by Yunker Associates Architecture

Edgy Vanity Desk Designs

Though some people favor delicate vanity desk designs, you may be someone who is captivated by edgier designs. If that is the case, then the selections below could put a sparkle in your eye.

by Vanillawood

Glass vanity desks definitely fit right at home with modern designs. As they reflect their surroundings, it is hard not to notice the level of brightness and trendiness to the room.

by Marianna Jones LLC 

by Terracotta Properties

Oak wood vanity desks take on many characteristics. Depending on the decor of the room, oak vanity desks can be elegant, robust, or funky.

by Lompier Interior Group

by Structure Home

by Lonetree Home and Kitchen

The high-standing vanity chair above is designed to resemble what you would find in a Manhattan salon. Its bright tangerine color and sleek finish give it a trendy, daring attitude, perfect for homes that are in sync with contemporary design.

by Studio Frank

by Lucy Interior Design

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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