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Design For The Romantic: Bathtubs In The Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this post is dedicated to adding a little romance to your décor by including a bathtub in your bedroom. This popular design trend is common in honeymoon suites, romantic vacation destinations, and even homes. With this tub trend, the next time you want to lounge in a warm bath, you can do it in the comfort of your bedroom – a communal space for you and your sweetheart. Here are ten stunning bedrooms with baths ranging from modern to traditional designs.  These are sure to get you in the mood for Valentines Day.

A Tub with a View

Nothing says luxury and romance like a bath with a scenic view – it’s like a hot tub from the comfort of your bedroom! If you live in the mountains or the gorgeous countryside and privacy is not a concern, put your bath by the window! Nothing will be more relaxing than soaking in paradise. You can even style your tub with a wooden plank across the top to hold your wine glass, magazine, or book. If your tub is not suited for that, put a teak stool or an end table by the tub for your towel and goodies. [from Edwin Pepper Interiors via Houzz]

This space is meant to be perfectly suited for relaxation, so add candles with a calming scent for some aromatherapy and style. They will make your space look like an indulgent retreat similar to this cozy cabin. [from Shed]

This tub with a view in Sydney, Australia is fit for a king or queen. If waking up to that view is luxurious, bathing by it must be extravagant! [from Gerstner Architects]

In this modern room, the sink and all is out in the open – now that’s an open floor plan! [from Marshall Architect]

A Tub Suited for the City

Even without the view, you and your sweetheart will enjoy the tub all the same. If not by the window, your bath can create a cozy and romantic corner. In this home, the natural floor-to-ceiling stone tiles add to the rustic modern feel of the space. The pink flowers in the corner are a romantic staging element perfect for Valentine’s Day. [from Art Compose Inc]

The beautiful bath/bed combo by Ecologia is not only stunning, but it is also eco-friendly. It is the first building in Montreal, Canada to endeavor for Platinum LEED Certification. Even the tub was made from a “bio-based composite material.” [from Ecologia via Houzz]

The stone floor under this bath is a great design element and is functional for drainage. Also consider a wall towel rack like the one used in this space. [from Skeppsholmen]

This beautiful bedroom is the perfect compromise for privacy with a view. The glass railing allows for an easy sightline to the outdoors, while it is far enough away to give you a little privacy. [from Pangaea Interior Design]

Lastly, if you need a little separation in your life, you can put up a glass wall for an open feel. [from Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects]

The relaxing feel of your bedroom can only be improved by the addition of a gorgeous bath. It will make your space feel like a bathhouse or a spa. So perhaps for this Valentine’s Day, you and your loved one should give each other the gift of a bathtub in your bedroom.  It is the gift that keeps on giving — it will make for a perfect getaway for you and your valentine all year long.

 What do you think about this romantic style? Do you think the tub belongs in the bathroom, or in the bedroom? Share your comments below…

Whitney Wood

I write for decoist.

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