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Wall Murals And Decals For Sports Enthusiasts

There are plenty of things in life that we grow out of with passing time. But sports seems take the exact direction as we get older. Despite our busy lives, hectic schedules and endless chores, we all find time to flip through the sports section and catch the highlights (at the very least) of the big game. While sports themed interiors with fabulous wall murals are often relegated to the kids’ room, there is no reason why adults cannot borrow a bit of inspiration from them! Whether you love basketball, football, soccer or baseball, there is always room for showcasing that passion in a sophisticated, stylish fashion.

Large baseball themed wall mural looks simply stunning

by DKOR Interiors Inc

Large wall murals bring with them a sense of drama and also instantly reveal your taste in sports and probably even your team loyalties. While living rooms generally do not house large sports decals, they seem to be far more common in the home gym, basements that are turned into man caves and home theaters. Of course, majority homeowners still keep them largely confined to the kids’ bedroom. As you flip through the many wall murals here, just remember that they look equally appealing in the rooms of grown-ups as well –

Gorgeous wall art gives the room understated elegance

by AJS Designs

Bring home the spirit of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games!
Brilliant ice hockey wall mural in the bedroom

by Style On a Shoestring

Blue and orange make a bold statement in the room

by Alan Design Studio

Amazing basball themed wall mural that looks cool even in adult bedrooms

by Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

Giant Image of Bill Cartwright and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar next to the contemporary staircase

by studio A:W

Turn the kids’ room into a baseball heaven

Painting a Grand Visual

There is a simple reason why most people tend to turn towards wall murals – to make a bold visual statement that is simply unmistakable. This is often a strategy that works very well with the kids. Since most of them are uber-passionate about their favorite sports team or superstar, it is pretty easy to keep them happy with the appropriate wall mural. Of course, the mural that you chose must always fit in seamlessly with both the theme of the room and its color scheme. A large mural with contrasting colors looks ungainly and hard to pull off.

When baseball becomes a way of life!

by Guided Home Design

Boxing wall mural should inspire you to get in shape!

by KDS Interiors

Plan some strategy before you take the field!

by Klang & Associates

If you are going for a giant wall mural for a young teen’s room, then it is best to pick a large black and white print. Since, the kid would soon want a more adult look for his room that employs cool neutral tones, the transition will be both seamless and cost-effective. Remember that creating a dedicated theme with an extensive wall mural means that you are more are less committed to the look for a while. So, it is best to carefully think before you pull the trigger on this one.

Rush the field wall mural above the bed
The theme of this room needs little explanation!
Bold wall decal in blue looks stylish and impressive
Cool kids’ room with reading desk and shelves under the bunk bed

by Decorating Den Interiors- Corporate Headquarters

Wall graphics steal the show in this bedroom

by Fox Interiors

Wall mural and framed jersey numbers add color to the room

Changing with the Times

We see plenty of kids’ rooms that feature extensive murals, a very specific color scheme and custom-made decor that is crafted to suit the chosen sports theme. While this is great and looks very pretty, it might not be the most practical or economically viable options. Kids can be pretty finicky and soon you are stuck with an ankle biter who is bored with the look of his room or has switched from baseball to football! Wall decals provide you with an easy solution to the problem. Just add or remove a few life-size decals with easy to instantly follow the trendy look of the season. (Yup, even sports trends change)

Basketball themed kids’ bedroom with bunk beds

by Chatham Interiors

A life-size decal of your favorite baseball player

The rooms showcased below, can easily switch from a sports-themed look to a modern space clad in attractive hues. All you need to do in order to make the transformation is remove the decal or poster that you see. And since decals can be removed without any fuss whatsoever, you will never need to worry about committing to the change. (With guys having their commitment issues, this seems like an ideal solution!)

Eclectic media rooms showcases sports memorabilia beautifully

by Designing Solutions

Kids’ bedroom with exciting snowboarding image on the wall

by The Yellow Cape Cod

Get a framed picture if wall murals sound like too much work!
Life-size football wall decal for the modern living room

Simple and Understated

Wall murals, decals and stickers need not always be drenched in bright colors. A more restrained and tasteful approach works equally effectively. These cool murals are perfect for teen rooms that are often difficult to design and take plenty of effort. With the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, maybe now is the perfect time to add some winter sports inspiration as well to your interiors. A touch of ice skating, a jaw-dropping decal of snowboarding or even a wall mural that pays tribute to your favorite ice hockey player; show you support for the games and join in on all the fun with the perfect sports wall mural.

Smartly placed mirror enhances the impact of the wall mural
Inspire your little one with an ice skating wall mural

by Carlyn And Company Interiors + Design

From Manchester United to Barcelona, the Lakers to the Knicks and from the Olympics to the Football World Cup, the choice is endless when it comes to choosing a sports-inspired wall mural or decal. And if you are not all too fond of the current sports stars, maybe you can pick that one shining star who filled your childhood with a few unforgettable sporting moments?

Contemporary kids’ room with X-Games wall decal

by Wen-Di Interiors

Simple and cool wall decal for the bedroom

by Weidmann Remodeling

Wall decals can be removed are altered with relative ease
Not everyone is a football or basketball fan – A room for the karate kid!

by Laura Manning Bendik

So, what will you sports mural be? Who is that one great player that you wouldn’t mind seeing grace the ‘Wall of Fame’ in your own home?

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