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What Is That Dinner Plate Doing On The Wall?

When it comes to decorations and objects that make the home unique, nothing is too peculiar or bizarre in the eyes of a designer, especially when some techniques can be squeezed into a conservative budget. I was in complete disbelief when I came across dinner plates that took on a role other than serving meat loaf or broccoli. But after a moment contemplation and some intense Google searching, I became mesmerized by the idea and couldn’t wait to hang a few selections from my own china collection!

What about you? Has the idea ever planted itself in your mind or are you blown away by this out-of-the-ordinary creation as well? Regardless of what you are thinking right now, here are some beautiful homes featuring a favorable collection of delicate porcelain ornaments.

Blue-And-White Dishes

Hanging plates on walls is anything but old-fashioned. The quirky change in decoration and style is more of a refresher than anything else. I mean, how often do you come across venues such the ones below? The vibe I get from homes that employ this decor innovation is extremely welcoming. It’s grandma’s summer cottage by the lake crossed with a clever, contemporary townhouse.


by O’heal Interior Design


by Patty Kennedy Interiors

As much as I love cluttering my walls with black-and-white picture frames and a few movie posters that I love, the flatness and static appearance of both items can get repetitive. And the perfect way to put an end to this decor faux-pas is to replace it with a collection of delicate plates uniquely grooved, carved and hand-crafted to perfection.


by Deborah Freedman Interiors

Not Your Average Dinner Plates

While it might be difficult to distinguish the difference between a dinner plate and a decorative one, just remember that if you can’t tell the difference, neither can others. If you want to remove the oddity of hanging plates on the wall, consider creating a pattern or design to draw out a more artistic feature. Usually when people secure these decorative pieces, they combine multiple selections to form a comprehensive set so the oddity of a single wall plate is avoided.


by Shirley Miesels


by RSVP Design Services


by Jack Lockhart Interior Design


by Little Black Door

A Modernist Twist

Silhouette portraits, obnoxious colors, interesting shapes and symbols are all features that can be printed onto these objects. There are so many ways to stylize these circular dishes!


by Shirley Meisels

The room above gives us an example of how we can remove picture frames from our decor and replace them with custom print dishes.


by RSVP Design Services


by Lee Design & Services

Not sure what to do with a colorless room? Well, the minimalistic room above offers some good advice. The bright, shell-like plates beautifully accessorize the pristine white walls of the home.

Beyond Conventional Designs

Round plates are nothing new to our likings – but what about atypical dishes that are shaped like fish? As we digress from conservative plate shapes, we begin to see daring designs and bold creations; but they’re all part of what makes up the super interesting ornaments that people have come to appreciate.


by Charmean Neithart Interiors


by Kati Curtis Design

Well there’s something you don’t see everyday – plates in the bathroom! Bathroom decor can be tricky, especially when there’s not a whole lot you can do with the room given the limited amount of space. But a powder room like the one above is a prime example of how you can stylishly remodel your bathroom to represent the ultra-creative person that is you.


by Natalie Fuglestvelt Interior Design

To end this post on a high note, plate-like objects can do your decor justice as well. While the wicker elements above do not possess the same luster or sheen of ceramics, they do, however, fill the room in another kind of energy–one that is rustic and very tribal.

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