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SPACES: Vintage Posters And Iconic Artwork To Enliven Modern Interiors

Are you staring at a large, empty spot on your living room wall and wondering what would truly complete the fabulous space? Vintage posters and gorgeously framed artwork can offer the perfect solution to your design conundrum. Large posters and lovely wall art need not always be relegated to dorm room decorating, and the SPACES from KULT Studio showcases how pop culture artwork and rare vintage posters can instantly transform a contemporary room while reflecting your own personal taste in inimitable style.

Vintage poster withJohn Van Hamersveld artwork inspired by The Endless Summer

SPACES not only features some of the best posters and artwork that you can get your hands on, but also tells you the importance of presenting the poster in the perfect manner. Framed posters obviously look a lot more elegant and affluent, but they also usher in a fun, playful vibe without disturbing the sophisticated, modern ambiance of the room. Inviting stars like Sean Connery and Frank Sinatra along with eternal classics like Casablanca into your home and office, these fabulous posters do hold their own in pretty much any setting.

Using artwork to elevate the ambiance of your interior

Vintage poster of Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. NO

Vintage James Bond posters for your living room

Smart use of wall art to accentuate the color scheme

Ocean's Eleven half sheet poster with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr

Popular and vintage La Dolce Vita framed poster

The many faces of Batman along with a poster of iconic Casablanca in Japanese

Casablanca original  poster for your living room

A poster of Clockwork Orange along with Keith Richards to spice things up

Decorating your interior with iconic posters and art work

For those who wish to enrich their home with artwork that goes beyond the past matinee idols and images from the golden era of cinema, there is also a wide array of fascinating and engaging art collection on offer. Most importantly, SPACES is all about altering the appeal of an interior and giving it a touch of vibrant exuberance while sticking to the color scheme and design theme of your choice. Classy and tasteful, it is all about showcasing your personal style and nostalgic past!

A collection of nature inspired art by Eyvind Earle

Add some Jungle Fever to the living room

Tree of Life framed artwork in the living room

Use the space above the fireplace to display wall art

Pull My Scarf from SPACES Collection by Kult Studio

Spiderman poster that is not just for kids' room

Framed artwork for those who enjoy varied styles

The Creatrix by Mark Ryden

Display art work gracefully around the house

Showcase your favorite posters and artwork elegantly

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