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Bold and Beautiful Black and White Stripes in Every Room

I am currently considering painting my dining room. As a renter, wallpaper is not an option and I already have a lot of color in my furniture pieces. In addition, I want whatever I do to be a bold statement piece that will transform my whole space. I am thinking black and white stripes just might give my room the graphic punch I am looking for! They are confident, spunky, and striking.

As I was searching for inspiration, I found that the bold black and white stripes are not just for the walls, but also for floors, bathrooms, and accessories. They can look traditional, modern, or eclectic. So if you’re thinking about remodeling or refashioning your space, consider going bold! I have just the inspiration you will need.

Black and White Walls

There’s a lot to consider when choosing to go black and white. Lets start with the thickness of your stripes – should you go thick or thin? As a general rule of thumb, the thicker stripes will have a more modern look, and the thinner a more classic style. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up – after all, rules in design are meant for breaking. [from Lonny, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]

Should your stripes be vertical or horizontal? Alright ladies, you know how when you wear a striped dress, if your stripes are vertical they make you look longer, and if they are horizontal they make you look, well, wider? The same concept goes for rooms. Making your room look wider, however, is not a bad thing! So decide whether or not you want to accentuate the height or width of your room, then you will know which way to direction your stripes. [from Zeev Beech Photographer, Lisa Gustow Design]

Now you have to decide, paint or wallpaper? There are benefits to both options. If you have a flat surface to work with, wallpaper is the easiest way to get a seamless and perfect look. Painting, however, is far cheaper if you choose to do it yourself. In addition, if your surface is not flat (like the bathroom featured below), painting is the best option. [from Lonny]

If you want a black and white bathroom, consider getting the graphic look with the tile in your shower. [from Bradley E Heppner Architecture]

When you’re decorating, don’t forget the fifth wall of the room: the ceiling. It too can be striped! [from Dyna]

Black and White Floor

For a truly unique and bold look, striped flooring is simply amazing. You can do it in wood, linoleum tiles, and ceramic tiles. These fabulous floors can be featured in any room of your house.

The statement floors in the dining room pictured below are linoleum. Rather than the traditional checkerboard, these homeowners went modern with diagonal stripes. I must say, I’ve never seen linoleum look so good! [from House to Home]

In this stunning kitchen, black wood planks are feathered into the flooring for a striped look. [from St. Louis Homes]

Of course, black and white tile is always a popular choice in the bathroom. But for a more unique look, make it striped. [from Lonny]

Black and White Accents

While I love to go bold inside my home, many may prefer to live in a more tranquil space. If that’s the case for you, you can always use stripes in a more subtle manner, as an accent. You can bring in stripes in your curtains, pillows, rugs, or a vase. [from Nichole Loiacono Design, Grade]

Are you ready to incorporate bold and beautiful stripes into your home? Share your comments below!

Whitney Wood

I write for decoist.

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