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Attractive Closets Your Kids Will Love!

For someone who absolutely loves toddlers, it’s hard to say that I enjoy their presence when it comes to clean-up time. Scattered toys, socks, hats, and random grape juice spills are all the things I’d like to avoid. If I were to guess, I’m sure you can share your own babysitting horror stories as well. Good thing there’s a way around the mess! Declutter and downsize the amount of stuff in your kid’s room to rearrange an organized home once again.

Selling unimportant stuff at a garage sale might seem to be a good idea, but what happens when your family can’t say good-bye to their personal items? You might be able to trick your spouse into allowing you to discard those boxes of keepsakes that are stashed away in the basement, but you won’t ve able to do the same with your kids. Kids remember everything! Some toys and shoes might go unnoticed for a day or two, but eventually, everything will come back to haunt you if you made them “magically” disappear. So save yourself from the grilling, and just organize your kid’s belongings in some super-cute closets!

What Do Little Girls Love?

I hope you are familiar with the saying: Sugar and spice and all things nice. I think that decades-old saying is the perfect way to describe a girl’s personality. Girls embody sassiness and charm, along with a bit of adorable blissful joy. When styling your baby girl’s room, you should focus on what her likings are and decorate the room to complement her witty character.

The two designs from Closet Maid below are decor ideas for two completely different individuals. For girls with a bit more spunk (and who are more active), the green one will go well with their energetic habits!

This pink closet by Closet Maid (pictured above) is a great selection that will bring out your little girl’s inner princess. The choice in color scheme is lively and spirited. By staying true to one color scheme, you can appreciate the gorgeous decor without going overboard.

Neutral Colors for Boys

Closet spaces for boys are a bit trickier to handle. To bypass the problem, you can incorporate versatile everyday color schemes like beige, white, grey, or anything monochromatic for more design uniqueness.

by Harry Braswell LLC. 

If you don’t have space for an extra fancy walk-in closet, the wall-mount solution above is an excellent alternative. The clothes and toys are easily accessible and are neatly organized in an urban atmosphere.

by The Stow Company

If you are one of those lucky design gurus who sets aside extra space for walk-in closets, the miniature space above is perfect for boys in their teens.

Bright Colors that Remind Us of Summer

It’s a shame that summer can’t last forever. But with some bright colors and a dash of imagination, you can recreate the sunny scene right in your kid’s room. Multi-door closets that open to expose their interiors are more functional for when you need to put away large items such as wet suits, skateboards or other gear.

by California Closets

by California Closets

by Texana Builders

The yellow infinity staircase above references the art installations of the Art Deco world. Effortlessly connecting the upstairs and downstairs, this staircase is an example of how you can build a walk-in closet on two floors. This modern closet could just as easily double as a fashion clubhouse for your girls!

Pretty in Pink!

Why not make your little girl’s dream come true? Build her a life-size dollhouse that she will be proud of! If you do decide to give her a decor treat, don’t forget to include a fancy, Barbie-inspired closet.

by IDG Cabinetry

by Clever Cabinets Inc

A cute closet like the one above will leave expecting moms excited about their due date. Moms can flip through racks of baby clothes and play dress-up with their kids with style and grace!

by California Closets

Cool and Collected

If you have boys in the house, be sure to incorporate some cool hues into the decor. Outline the blue closets with a clean white border to create a refreshing and tidy atmosphere. With matching white furniture pieces, these rooms demonstrate a contemporary flair.

by Easy Closets

by Emma Delon

by Closet Maid

Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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