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Dramatic Austrian Resort Astonishes With Opulence Draped In Alpine Magic!

Transporting you into a world of luxury, stunning natural beauty and tranquility, the impressive Aqua Dome Thermal Resort in Austria is all about reconnecting with nature in imitable style. Apart from the expansive hotel that houses over 200 rooms and the relaxing spa facility, this fabulous alpine resort wins you over with its unique architecture that brings together the old and the new. Towering conical structures and giant bowl-shaped, elevated swimming pools that visually stand out in this idyllic getaway seem to have drawn a touch of playful inspiration from the charismatic Disney creations!

Aerial view of the lavish hotel

The fairytale design style of Disney adopted here might just be coincidental, but it sure enhances the appeal of the retreat and gives it an amazing aura of its own. Going beyond the apparent attractions, the interior of the hotel is clad largely in wood and stone to create a chalet ambiance. These warm and cozy textures allow you to unwind instantly as you start your wonderful stay here. Two indoor pools, a grand waterfall, a soothing sauna and spa, a quality fitness center and a world-class dining facility with an exclusive lounge, bar and wine bar make your stay here truly memorable.

Spectacular resort with lavish spa and pool

Expansive ausrtian hotel with giant dome pools

Relax with style at the luxurious Aqua Dome Thermal resort

View from the deck of the Austrian retreat

hanging loungers in the spa

Interior with wooden walls and stunning fireplace

Lounge peacefully at the Austrian Resort

Plush seating area with fireplace

Rooms at the hotel

View of the stone and wood interior

Fine dining at the Aqua Dome

Green interiors of the refreshing spa

An open observation deck allows you to take in unabated views of the astounding valley and the scenic landscape that surrounds the resort. The true showstopper at the Aqua Dome Thermal Resort is obviously the futuristic swimming pool domes filled with natural sulphurous thermal water, coming from a depth of 1,865 meters. Therapeutic and comforting, a dip in these gigantic pools is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with pleasant memories lasting a lifetime…

aqua dome thermal resort in Austria

Bowl shaped pools al the Aqua Dome Resort

Dome shaped thermal pools and spa

Brilliant pools illuminated at night

Interior of the thermal dome

Fabulous resort at night time

Stunning valley surrounds the Austrian Resort

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