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Ceiling Options That Are Eco-Friendly in Design

In this new era where sustainable efforts and eco-designs are the center of appeal, houses that embody the essence of nature are becoming far more desirable. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a home that takes on the beauty of its surroundings. Envisioning a world where nature is restored to its former glory, green designers and artists are enthusiastically incorporating glimpses of mother earth into their creations, marking a change from ornate, opulent luxury to a minimalistic one.

by Poggenpohl

We’ve seen unique bamboo flooring options take on different attitudes of form and function. It is one of the go-to ideas that we value when we are trying to renovate the interiors of our homes. The specific usages of hardwood and bamboo have set the bar for what a modern, stylish home should look like, but what if there were another area of interest that has yet to be explored?

Have you ever wondered what your home would look like if you were to turn it on its head? What if the floor were actually the ceiling, and the ceiling became the floor? Many decor gurus have pondered the same questions. As the light bulb came on, they took wood flooring and raised it above their heads, essentially creating a free space of contemporary design ingenuity.

Here are some dramatic decor ideas that feature wood ceilings, an expression of conventional techniques in a particularly appealing style.

Sitting By The Camp Fire

Being one with nature no longer means camping out in the rugged, windy forest. You can just as easily enjoy the earthy scent and humbling atmosphere indoors. To effectively curate such a setting, all you need to do is weave wood accents and furnishings into your home. Ceilings that are puzzled together with pieces of wood will welcome refreshing and invigorating attitudes. And when the wood ceilings are complemented with floor-to-ceiling windows, the home unknowingly becomes a nexus between architecture and mother earth.

by Swatt Miers Architects

by Rauser Design

Your New Cabin Retreat

What sets wood ceilings apart from their competitors is their untouched appearance. The dynamic allure of this style can transform a suburban home into a dreamlike summer retreat that is nestled alongside the banks of transparent lakes and lush green foliage. With a retreat like this, you will never need a vacation from your current life!

by Calilik Entreprises

by Jerkins Custom House

More often than not, wooden ceilings meet at an elevated point, widening the amount of space in the room. This design technique is great for homes that are cozier than usual.

Good Amount Of Texture

Adding tension to your designs can be a positive thing. Wood panels, each different in color and texture, initiate a change in aesthetics and introduce a more active vibe to the home. As the wood ceiling contrasts the painted or wallpapered walls, the two features feed off of one another, fashioning an interdependent relationship that nurtures decorative splendor and masterful designs.

by Cathay Schwabe Architecture

by Cornerstone Architecture

Time To Revisit The Bathhouse

Between chiseled stone walls and transparent glass panels, the way designers approach modern bathroom design has become somewhat overplayed. Instead of settling for more conventional designs, you can experiment with a nature-inspired technique for your bathroom that makes use of simpler materials. Remember those days when public bathhouses in Europe were centers of gathering? That same experience can be recreated on a more personal note with the incorporation of wood ceilings… A perfect choice for people who enjoy the simpler things in life.

by Hammar Architects

by Product Bureau

The Whole Nine Yards

There is no set attitude for wood ceilings. They fashion different emotions depending on how they are being incorporated and what kind of home they are accenting. From cabin-styled selections to contemporary creations, this specific ceiling option is a playful and interesting example of the flexibility of nature.

by Schappacher White Architecture DPC

by M Squared Design

by Frederick + Frederick Design

by Flow Home Staging & Design

by J Grant Design Studio


Serena Chu

I write for decoist.

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