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Space-Saving Strategy: Where To Put The Lamps?

Styling your interior does not mean overcrowding every nook and cranny with decorations and furnishings. Instead, it is about finding the right balance between function and form. Often times, we are stuck in the mindset that bigger is always better. But as we gravitate towards Zen-inspired designs and minimalist-themed lifestyles, that notion of “more, more, more” begins to tarnish and becomes less appealing in our eyes.


by Kimberly Demmy Design

Lamps are some of the most common items in the home that we knowingly splurge on. Whether they are on the bedside night stand or on the living room side table, lamps dictate a good amount of space within the home. And with so many options to choose from, the lamp style of your choice should be one that encompasses both aesthetics and practicality. Wall lamps are installations every home designer should pick up on, because they allow people to flex their creativity and space-saving techniques. Below are some lighting designs that might win your heart and inspire you to play around with a style you are not so familiar with – have a look!

Hanging chandelier pendants double as bedside lighting

by Another Design International

Wall-Mount Lamps for the Modern Bedroom

In addition to their apparent simplicity and smart design, wall-mount lamps are an ideal choice to incorporate into any home that boasts elegance and daring beauty. Unlike free-standing lamps, wall-mount selections (or other kinds of hanging light installations) can be viewed as part of the home’s overall design, in uniformity with the charisma of the living space. With the usage of wall-mount lamps, the amount of decorative pieces and ornaments needed to enhance the room’s atmosphere is dramatically reduced, making for a more sincere and natural interior design.


by Icon Interiors


by Philip W Smith General Contractor


by Lizette Marie Interior Design


by Phil Kean Design Group


by Stephens Design Group


by Svetiana Filippova Art Design

For those design gurus who enjoy dignified and regal selections, the wall-mount lamp style above would be an excellent choice. The chandelier crystal light, with its brilliant luminosity and dazzling display of soft-light elegance, blends together modern chicness and opulent luxury. It is a demonstration of modern beauty with traditional accents whisked in.

Can’t Go Wrong With Less

Due to the constraints of your busy schedule, finding time to tidy up your home may seem like an impossible task. But if you decide to turn a blind eye to the growing clutter in your living room, the home you worked so hard to build might take a  plunge in aesthetics. A good way around the problem is to downsize. Take out furnishings you don’t need, leave seasonal decorations in the tool shed, and most definitely, say good-bye to the monolithic stand-alone lights. Once you bid farewell to your home’s worldly possessions, not only will you find a more appealing aura in your interior, you will also understand what simplicity feels like.


by Usona


by Sigmar

In light of the well-loved minimalist technique, wall-mount lights are distinct embellishments that serve as functional instruments and complementary ornaments. Trendy, simple and unique, they ensure an honorable appeal.


by Kimberly Peck


by David Scott Interiors


One-of-a-Kind Wall-Mount Lights

Here are a few specially selected lamps that are less traditional in design. They complement the room’s overall decor by introducing something that is beyond the normal comprehension of beauty. Odd shapes and the striking use of materials are interesting features to consider when you’re scouring the shelves for the right lamp. As you are probably aware, many lighting options in stores stay on the safer side of design. But for a more electrifying feel, polka-dot lamps, such as the one below, will bring an extra kick of emotion to the home.


by Suite 102


by Olive Juice Design


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