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Ingenious Glass Cube Showcases A Bold And Brilliant Home Extension

Modern home extensions often look like late forced additions to an existing home and tend to have a distinctly different feel from the original, traditional structure. Creating an organic yet contemporary extension to a classic residence is indeed a challenging task. While this fabulous little glass box, conceptualized and brought to life by French design firm Loïc Picquet Architects, might not be big on space, it sure makes up for it with a distinct style and flair of its own.

Exterior of stylish glass Extension C

The captivating, cute little addition is part of a beautiful old home in the city of St. Louis, Eastern France and it displays how a simple glass extension can be spectacular while becoming a seamless addition that enhances the existing structure. Glazed walls, a concrete staircase and a large glass front define this imaginative addition that houses a beautiful dining area. Complementing the existing kitchen in a perfect manner, cool features like the ‘window-in-window’ make the glass box all the more visually appealing.

Ushering in ample natural light, the structure also promises unabated views of the lush green backyard and brings the fresh garden goodness indoors. Combining several different textures and styles, the sparkling extension is most definitely the showstopper of the house, while the concrete walls around it allow it to blend in effortlessly with the rest of the house. Simple decor and a Noguchi lamp on the table further add to its distinct ambiance…

Modern glass dining room addition to old home

View of the garden from dining room

Window within a glass window for the dining room

Noguchi light on the dining table

Modern dining space extension in glass

Enetrance to the new glass block from the garden

Concrete and glass exterior of the renovated French home

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