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50 Amazing Indoor Pool Ideas For A Delightful Dip!

Taking a dip outside in the winter months can be quite a daunting experience, and the best way to tackle the problem is by bringing the pool inside with an indoor pool. Even with nicer weather, enjoying an outdoor pool can be ruined by rain, thunderstorms, and even lack of safe and proper outdoor lighting. Indoor swimming pools are quickly becoming incredibly popular, thanks to the many advantages and year-round benefits they offer.

From allowing you to hone your butterfly and breaststroke in the winter months to elevate the ambiance of your interior, indoor swimming pools bring together aesthetics and ergonomics in a breathtaking manner. These inspired pools add glint to your luxurious indoor spa and complete your workout space with elegance and style. Be it the audacious or the understated, here are 50 stunning indoor pool ideas that will leave you awestruck and inspired…

Dazzling lighting and unique iconography stand out here

by Purple Cherry Architects

Sleek and contemporary indoor pool idea

by Bereco

Beautifully lit indoor pool in luxurious French Chalet
Breathtaking view of snow-clad mountains outside

by MCM Designstudio

Brilliant pendant lights illuminate the indoor pool

by Douglas Design Studio

Captivating indoor pool features a waterfall backdrop
Custom indoor swimming pool with a diving board
Indoor pool offers lovely views of the scenic landscape outside
Amazing indoor swimming pool design idea
Fiber-optic ceiling aims to bring the star-studded sky indoors

by John Kraemer & Sons

Indoor Pool As A Spectacular and Sensational Escape!

One of the popular design themes for contemporary indoor pools is to create ‘a-world-within-a world’. This magical setting allows you to escape the mundane rush of your life and often transports you into a surreal alternate world that is far away from your busy urban life. Themes for such extravagant pools vary depending on both the available space and your own personal preference. You can use a few exotic plants, a lovely waterfall feature set in natural rocks and the right lighting to create a tropical getaway that is just a few steps away from your living room.

Who needs a holiday when you have a pool like this at home?
Salt-water aquarium and waterfalls usher in a tropical lagoon setting
Another look at the indoor tropical paradise

by Shehan Pools

Complement that perfect pool with comfortable seating options

Painted ceilings and LED light fixtures can replicate a star-studded night sky, while luxurious indoor pools with a sauna and Jacuzzi can transport you to a Vegas-like backdrop. Brilliant and incredible, many of these indoor pools successfully create a whole new world around you!

Surreal indoor pool offers the perfect escape
Waterfalls and swim-through grotto that leads to a swim-up bar!

by Caviness Landscape Design

Magnificent view outside takes your breath away

by Poss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design

Moroccan-styled indoor pool with a bar!
Imaginative painted ceiling and pool for those who love a bit of drama!

by Platinum Poolcare

Oriental-themed indoor pool space offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere
Pygmy Date Palms at the edge of the pool usher in tropical style

by V.I.Photography & Design

Decorate your indoor pool with some natural greenery

Indoor Pools That Blur the Lines

When you think of indoor pools, the image that most often comes to mind is one that is surrounded by stoic concrete walls on all four sides. While this design scheme works well in regions with an ultra-cool winter, those having more moderate weather conditions can opt for the perfect compromise. Blending the inside swimming pool with the outdoor version, transparent screen enclosures and extensive retractable roofs allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Blurring the line between your indoors and the world outside, these see-through domes allow you to enjoy the view outside while shielding you from the chilly winds.

Enjoy the outdoors with the benefits of an indoor pool!

by Bella Luna Services

Extend your living space outdoors with a transparent roof

by Villa Moda

White and blue seem like a perfect combination for the indoor pool

by Alka Pool Construction

Contemporary porch and pool area offers unobstructed view of the outdoors

by London Bay Homes

Large transparent roofs also bring in ample natural ventilation during the daytime and create a unique ambiance that is reminiscent of a glass house. Many of these come with convenient options that allow you to switch between unobstructed views and complete privacy when needed. Contemporary and ingenious, this smart alternative is the hottest new trend in indoor pools…

An orb fireplace and hot tub flank the cool pool
Enjoy the sunshine and the shade!
Retractable roofs offer you the best of both worlds!

by Covers in Play

Lovely pool area combines Mediterranean style with a touch of rustic charm

by Travertine Warehouse

Stylish screened enclosure surrounds the pool

by RJ Elder Design

Creative indoor pool mimics an exotic tropical pond

by BeeTree Homes

Under the Spotlight

Lighting plays a pivotal role in defining pretty much every room of your house, and when it comes to indoor pools, appropriate lighting is all the more vital. No one likes to step into a pool area that is dark, dingy and poorly lit. Instead of adding to the appeal of your home, it actually takes away from the overall look. The lighting that you choose for the indoor pool must complement the theme that you have selected for the space. Combine several different layers of lighting for various effects and use an evenly spaced layer of recessed lighting to create the right ambiance.

Refreshing and large indoor swimming pool design
Seating on the pool deck adds pops of bright color to the space
Taking a more classical approach towards lighting

by South Shore Millwork

Colorful trough filled with art glass at the bottom of the pool

by Deep River Partners

In case you are opting for a more traditional look, use vintage chandeliers and a few candle lantern-styled lights to usher in the right appeal. Large glass windows and transparent screens are also a great way to bring in natural light that takes over during the daytime. Fabulous lighting not only creates a vivacious indoor pool, it also highlights its key features in a flawless fashion!

Combine a variety of geometric shapes to create a dynamic pool area
Grey walls and recessed lighting give this indoor pool a minimalist appeal

by Design by Guncast

Lighting plays a key role in defining the theme of your indoor pool

by E. B. Mahoney Builders

Luxurious pool with an attached sauna and shower area
Slide your way to a refreshing swim!

by Paul Kohlman Photography

A multitude of windows surround the indoor pool
Olympic-sized pool for the next human torpedo!

by Chris Paulk

Multidimensional Designs

While some prefer an indoor swim spot that creates a dramatic escape, others tend to prefer a pool that enhances the appeal of their contemporary home. A lavish pool can be visually connected with your living room or dining area and can blend in impeccably with the rest of the house. These savvy and sleek pools also require a lot less maintenance and cleaning than outdoor pools, making them an absolute dream. Just make sure that you have the right dehumidifier and climate control systems and you are all set to enjoy endless summers indoors!

Walkway above the pool creates a cool visual

by DesRosiers Architects

Waterside jets bring a playful element to the pool

by Platinum Poolcare

Smart design and glass windows add elegance to the space
Stylish indoor pool is visually connected with the pool outside

Having an indoor swimming pool is not just about the pool itself. Remember that the decor on the deck space, the tiles, walls and lighting need to be coherent and must feel like a natural extension of the surrounding spaces. Get it right and you have a perfect addition that is bound to whip both you and your home into top shape!

Indoor lap pool to complete your workout routine

by Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Exquisite indoor swimming pool design
Catch up on a conversation as you sit next to the ravishing pool

by John Kraemer & Sons

Wooden walls bring warmth to the contemporary space
Indoor spa and pool create a soothing setting

by Vincent Greene Architects

Home gym next to the elegant indoor pool

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