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Vacation Homes In The Swiss Alps Showcase The Beauty Of Solid Timber

Located in the picture-perfect little town of Leis (which dates back to the early 1300s and is surrounded by the majesty of the beautiful Swiss Alps), the twin vacation retreats by Peter Zumthor celebrate lavish style. Covered in rich wooden hues, both the interiors and the exteriors of the Oberhus and Unterhus cabins offer a snug and stylish modern getaway that is surrounded by the snow-clad skiing slopes each winter. An idyllic, serene year-round escape, these gorgeous vacation homes look all the more spectacular each winter as guests are treated to a magical white Christmas!

peter zumthor's vacation home in leis

Available for rent from Zumthor Ferienhäuser, the fabulous timber-clad structures present a perfect contrast to the breathtaking exterior, while the amazing decor inside introduces a luxurious modern vibe. Large glass windows ensure that guests enjoy an unabated view of the beautiful outdoors. The living room is housed on the top level, which makes for a great gathering space as you take in the many sights and sounds of Leis. Comfortable and spacious bedrooms with sliding glass doors and exceptional contemporary bathrooms complete the vacation homes.

Wodden exterior of the lovely swiss alp skiing retreats

Timber filled interiors of the Peter Zumthror retreats

Kitchen area with the iconic egg chair in red

View outside of Unterhus

large glass windows offer views of snowy ski slopes

Modern bedroom in the swiss alps retreat

Each of the homes accommodates around 4-5 guests comfortably, and you are bound to find undisturbed tranquility and exquisite luxury here all year long. The solid timber structure adds to the experience as it has a tangible presence – soft and close to the body, it gleams gently and silkily in the light!

Snow-clad surroundings of Unterhus retreat in Switzerland

Snow clad peaks of Leis in wintertime

Green surroundings of Unterhus during summer

Alps transform into a green setting post winter

Lovely view of Leis nestled in the Swiss Alps

Beautiful holiday retreat in Swiss alps

Stunning swiss skiing slopes around vacation homes

View of the Winter retreats froma distance

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