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Subtle Floral DIY Decor: Paint Dipped Bud Vases

When gardening is a passion and flowers adorning beautiful vases are part of your everyday decor, you can call yourself lucky. Lucky to be one of those who see the beauty in the world, in every colorful petal.

When it’s that easy to incorporate your own time and handywork into a decorative item, it becomes more than a concept. We all know that any object crafted to satisfaction with your own hands holds a special place in your heart and enhances your creativity. A project as easy as the Paint Dipped Bud Vases could very well whet your appetite for more fantastic DIY projects.

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other. – Chinese Proverb

Inspired by her mother’s love for gardening and her constant need for different-sized vases, Heather of WhipperBerry took out her DIY kit and explored the possibilities of colorful paint applied with an open heart. Using the Martha Stewart Crafts Paint by Plaid, you can dip your way to fabulous decor. You will also get a chance to exercise your patience. Just wait and you’ll see what I mean…

Inspired to Create the Surrounding Space

Heather teaches us how to use creativity to expand our visual universe. She created these serene, easy-to-make vases as a mother’s day gift and inspired us to share her passion and thoughtfulness in hope that you will find time for your own little project.

What You Need:

  • Martha Stewart Satin Paint in your chosen color
  • Martha Stewart Pearl Paint in a coordinating color
  • Martha Stewart Glaze Medium
  • Bud Vases
  • Ziplock bag
  • Small cup

How to Do It Yourself

For those of you who’d like to make this project at home, you may want to say thank you to Heather for the great tutorial; and while you’re at it, check out her amazing blog as well!

Ada Teicu

Ada always dreamed of transforming her love for writing into a lifestyle. Passionate about all things beautiful, from faithful dogs to homemade cooking or climbing her beautiful homeland mountains, she was very much into interior design and architectural wonders. Ada is from Timisoara, Romania, loves purple and turquoise and her all-time favorite c[...]

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